Has Audio gotten more expensive?

Recordings have certainly got cheaper. As an example, the Beecham Carmen in February 1960 was £6 (3 LPs). You can now buy the set today on Amazon (on 3 CDs) for £11.39. Using an inflation calculator, the £6 in 1960 is worth £110 today Quite a difference! (But let’s not debate the merits of CDs and LPs).

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I know I am. I have great equipment, lots of music and all the time in the world to listen it to it.
The one thing I lack are friends who share my enthusiasm. Most are not into music or prefer iPhones and a small portable Bluetooth speaker. Or Alexa,

Back in the day I had a dozen or more equally rabid stereoheads!


This is very true.

It’s a given that manufacturing standards are going to improve over time, and I guess there’s a similar possiblity with luxury material costs being more available for use.

The tollerances achieved by general manufacturing these days is so very tight it’s quite remarkable. CAD design and engineering has made the overall quality of fitted parts just so much higher in a relatively short space of time.

The quality of the materials and craftmanship in something like the FR30’s is just so exceptionally high.

That’s not to say products from the 70’s were not remarkably high quality for the time, I don’t mean that at all. I think the good companies have always pushed boundaries in what’s possible from manufacturing and design. But as times gone on, it’s undoubtedly produced better “quality” products just down to the technology and materials available.


I can certainly identify with that Palouse. I enjoy today with more passion what I always longed for in the past. I don’t know anyone that cares for my passion in music and my rig so it’s sad to to be able to share it with others.

And yes, back in my younger days, audio was a big deal with me and my buddys.


Well, at least you have these virtual nut…er…um…friends here on the forum to commiserate with.




Yup. And help me, and the rest of you, spend money! :grinning: :smiley:


None of my friends share this hobby, no matter how much i try to infect them. There’s one guy I used to work with who wants to get in to vinyl, I think he’s teetering on splashing out on a Rega deck sometime soon. There may be hope there!


We have a good group here. It wasn’t that long ago when I finished my PWD - DSD Sr. upgrade that I couldn’t load the new firmware. Everyone was willing to jump in and help.

I bought another pair of Celestion Ditton 66 Studio Monitors today. They are getting so hard to find and I wanted something to listen to when I recap my current 66s. The cabinets on the set I purchased today have been refinished, otherwise all original parts.

Just to reflect on some of the great conversation held today, there is so much available for the audiophile as several members pointed out, but I just love some of the vintage classics like the Ditton 66s.

Here a review of them for anyone interested