Price Increases?

Is it me, or did PSA prices just increase?

Yes, Paul mentioned it in his Paul’s post today.

Did the power regenerators price go up? It’s seems like the increase only affected the amplifiers.

It affected a model’s price if, and only if, its cost changed.

It impacted a pretty random assortment of gear. Mostly the amps and Stellar stuff.

Thanks James

Could someone tell me the new prices for the M1200 amplifiers? I bought 1 for my centre and had a deal for 2 more, but I doubt that deal will still stand now. Curious how much more to expect.

$6600 a pair unless you call them on the phone and negotiate.

$6598 They went up $600

Thank you boys

Just got an email from Upscale Audio Prima Luna price increase on October 15 going up 12%.

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A combination of inflation and difficulty to resource! Initially, it’s all ouch! But eventually, markets readjust and adapt.

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I got the same email from Kevin. I have a couple of items on my hot list of gear I want to add to my system (not necessarily from Upscale) that I’ve been waiting to purchase when the time is right fiscally. Prices are shooting up across the board from all the manufacturers. I typically want to pay cash for my toys, but these price increases, which aren’t trivial, have me thinking I want to whip out my CC and buy now. Definitely has me spooked.

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An already pricey hobby getting more expensive. :cry: