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Hallo guys, i already bought a USB digital interface (Leaf Audio CMD 17) to try to connect my PWD via i2s. To do this, I tried to use a normal HDMI cable, of the kind used to connect the computer monitor, but everything doesn’t work … the connection via coaxial works instead (the other one available, in addition to the i2s connection). So, I think the problem is with the cable … but I’m not sure. Do you need a special cable? Thank you all for your cooperation, greetings

I don’t believe the cable is the issue. PS Audio’s “protocol” for I2S over HDMI is not that of the industry’s normal HDMI. So only certain manufacturers that untilize the PS Audio “protocol” will be able to pass that audio signal. It seems Leaf Audio is not among those.

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Thanks lonson, i have maybe to go to a Gustard or Singxer…
In every case, do you know if the cable needs to be modified in any way? I have read about various configurations of HDMI cables for i2s audio signal, do you know anything about it? Thanks a lot!

I don’t believe that cables need to be modified, rather the electrical assignment of wiring within the componente to the wiring is what is the determinant. I don’t believe either of those brands will allow you to use the i2s inlet on the PWD. Really I would use he coaxial input that does work. Or contact PS Audio customer support for specific brands and models that will allow the i2s transfer. . . .

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Yeah, I would stick with the COAX. You would likely need a board mod on the Leaf in order to make it work over I2S.

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Hello, thanks! Yes, i already sent an email to the company, i’ll update the discussion when they will reply :slight_smile:

Thanks Jamesh, i tested the Coax connection, but the sound quality was definitely inferior to the direct connection via USB (i use ifi ipurifier). Probably due to the low quality of the interface unit, but also because the coax connection does not perform well on the Perfect Wave (I have had very good results connecting a Mark Levinson CD player via AES / EBU).

Different DACs and players have different I2S protocols. Could be software controlled or even DIP switches. Might want to check that first. The HDMI cable does NOT need to be altered. Standard HDMI will work fine.


There is one exception, an alteration which may be needed, namely covering the pin 15 when using Gustard U16 (and previous models) to get rid of the
pre-emphasis correction. I personally cut it inside the plug.

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Thanks so much Finin! This a great advice, i’m sure will be useful for a lot of PS Audio fans :slight_smile: