Headphone amplifiers - Why not balanced?

PS Audio’s Stellar Gain Cell DAC and BHK Signature Preamp are fully balanced designs. The company touts this, and deservedly so.

But, why are the headphones outputs not offered with a balanced connection? It kind of doesn’t make sense. The balanced circuitry is already there.

Almost all better headphones have a balanced connection option, certainly ones that would be price and performance appropriate to $1700 (Stellar) and $6000 (BHK) units.
So, why this design decision?
It almost seems like a missed opportunity or mistake considering the class which this equipment is in.

I own the Stellar GCD and M700 monoblocks. I am very happy with them.
Having a great piece of equipment like the GCD and knowing that it is fully balanced, and yet not being able to go balanced with my headphones is the only aspect of this setup that leaves me itching for a function/feature that isn’t there.

I’d be willing to pay PS Audio to upgrade my BHK Pre to accommodate balanced headphones. Alternatively, with a little guidance I’d happily take this on as a DIY project.

I agree. Just charge me the extra couple of hundred dollar and let me have a balanced amp through and through. Or, at least give me the option of one or the other.