How about somewhere in the middle?

Are there any plans for a pre-amp priced somewhere between the Gain Cell and the BHK?
That’s a pretty big price jump between the 2 pre-amps.
Maybe a BHK JR?
Loose the headphone amp, no internal DAC, 3 SE and 1 XLR input and 1 SE and XLR outputs like the Gain Cell. (Who typically has more than 3 sources anyway?)
Keep the tube input with the standby feature, I really like that.
Use the Gain Cell case if it saves on cost.
Price it around $3500.
What do you think?

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I love the idea of a BHK Jr. My concern if I was PSA would be having too many products in the catalog.

Yes,I agree. Almost turning into a electronic smorgasbord of sorts.

I’d love a BHK sr. signature with outboard power supply, enough parallel balanced outputs, optional integrated phono and a design that’s more separated from the DS jr. design! In my eyes the current BHK is kind of jr. or inbetween, just due to the design. But to combine it with a separate phono stage will also be fine, I just hate it, having to spend the same amount on cabling, just to connnect the two again at the same level an integrated unit would have.

PSAudio‘s Future product strategy in terms of price point will be interesting, as the jump from DS sr. to the upcoming TSS is as huge as the one you mentioned between GC and BHK. But 6k is a good range, given the price/performance ratio of PSA imo. And better having such big steps that a manufacturer who just produces towards certain price points, which make no sense in terms of no significant differences.

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Honestly, I could more easily see something even less expensive than the GCD rather than something between it and the BHK. Since a lot of audiophiles spin vinyl (and of course the resurgence of vinyl), and every audiophile always seeks an “analog” sound, even with their costly digital front end, I could more likely see a stripped down version of the Stellar GCD that is just all analog with several analog inputs, the gain cell, and a simple adjustable MM/MC phono stage. Something around the $900 - $1k range so even serious “beginner” vinyl audiophiles can get into excellent PS Audio sound.

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Sure, there’s clientele for any range. I think it’s also a special challenge for an ambitious company to support cheap/entry sources (no matter if digital or analog) as they have their special characteristics, shortcomings and variations from black to white in tonality. Means, a neutral amp is not necessarily the right solution. I think the worst sound comes from cheaper gear, each having the goal of neutral reproduction. In my experience especially in this range careful compensation is the secret or you’ll hear only shortcomings. Isn’t the Sprout such an amp with tonality tweaked to small speakers and non-perfect sources?

BHK Jr? Great idea. I’m looking for a pre to add to my DSJ and M700’s. Found an Audiolab 8000q with adjustable gain which should (hopefully) be acceptable in the short term…

Sign me up for a BHK Jr!

I like @jazznut idea better…too many products already, but if you were going to introduce a new product make it better than what you already offer.

Plus home theater bypass and triggers for my amps, I’m in. Been looking for a pre like this for awhile. $6000 is little much for the one input I use currently. A used Audio Research is probably what I’ll end up with.

I’m hearing and seeing a Sprout Preamp with XLRs and remote control, on top of a balanced Sprout200 ICE module. Sprout Stellar Stack. Small form factor, stackable, different wood finishes, modular DAC box that’s user upgradable. Perfect flexibility and growth.

Yeah… a “BHK Jr” would be perfect for me as well but I would like to keep the headphone amp and then lessen the no. of inputs plus no internal DAC too.