headphone recommendations for the sprout

I am considering dropping a decent sum on a new set of grown-up headphones (audeze LCD-X, Senn HD800, Fostex TH900, HiFiMan 560, etc.). I haven’t found much info yet on head-fi yet on the sprout, and would appreciate some feedback on a good match for the sprout … either from those I listed, or perhaps something I am overlooking … Thanks in advance.

BTW - I was a kickstarter backer, and want to pass my congratulations on to PS Audio on an excellent campaign and execution!

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Headphone.Guru did a review, click, but it is not all that helpful with respect to headphone choices other than it may not have enough power to properly drive planers. I do not have a Sprout and cannot comment specifically.

As you already know, all the headphones you listed are superb. Of those you identify, I am particularly impressed with the LCD-X. I find the HD800 a bit hot. It comes down to personal preference.

When researching the audeze, it sounds like the lcd-x is supposed to much easier to drive than the lcd-3. In any event, I don’t want to make a mistake and end up needing to sell my car to buy a different amp!

I belive a while back that Scott McGown mentioned the Sprout was driving a pair of HifiMan HE500s for him rather nicely. Not sure if the HE560s require more power though.

I don’t have a Sprout but do love my HE6’s.


The HE-560s work well with the Sprout. I also tried my Fostex TH900 with good success as well. I’ve not had extensive listening time with my pair of HD-800s as I have a separate dedicated amp matched for it.

There is a rolled off nature to the headphone amp that would make it a good match with phones which run a bit hot in the treble.

The Sennheiser HD650 is one of my favourites. I don’t own it anymore, but for years I’m thinking to buy it again. I had the HD800 as well the sound is marvellous, but it’s not comfortable. The HD700 is in the same class as the HD650. The Grado GS1000i is in the same league as the HD800, but far more comfortable. The Denon ADH-7100 is a closed headphone and a tiny bit better than the HD800 and the Grado GS1000i. It’s not as comfortable as the GS1000i, but more comfortable as the HD800. The Denon is for big heads only!

For the sound they are all great headphones. In the class 200 to 1000€$ open headphones I would recommend the HD650 on the first place and the HD700 on the second place. In the class above 1000€$ I would recommend the Grado GS1000i. In the all classes for closed headphones I would recommend the Denon ADH-7100.

Thanks so much for the replies! I found a pair of audeze LCD-3’s on sale, and couldn’t pass them up!

Still burning them in. They sound very rich with the sprout, but a bit dark. I am hoping they will relax and open up a bit. But, the sprout has plenty of power (I don’t think they are super power-hungry). I would imagine that some kind of upgraded cabling would help if need be.

In any event, I have been enjoying the Sprout, and will update after a couple hundred more hours.

Thanks, everyone.

Hey all-

Bumping this thread for a question-

What would you all recommend as the best budget ($100 or less) headphone for the Sprout 100? I listen to primarily vinyl via my Fluance RT85 (ortofon blue cartridge). Mostly listen to progressive rock, classic rock and metal, but some pop/art rock as well. Would love a nice wide soundstage.


The Grado SR60e ($79) or SR80e ($99) would be at the top of my list.


…forgot to mention that I currently have Sony MDR 7506 cans…

Any other recommendations?

I have SR60s and think they are great for the money. Another budget set of cans I enjoy are my Fostex T40RPs - something to consider if you prefer or need a closed back design.

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Koss PortaPro.

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