Sprout 100 as a headphone amp for HD6XX

How well will the headphone output on the Sprout 100 work for the HD6XX headphones? Would it sound better with a separate headphone amp like the Schiit Asgard 3?

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This is a great question as since it has a phono stage and s/pdif and USB digital ins, it might make a great headphone station as long as their is no damage to the amp with no speakers attacked, but just a headphone plugged in.

I like to know as well.

speakers are muted when phones are plugged in so i’d think you’d be fine

My Sprout worked well with conventional headphones like the Sennheiser 560, but when I got my planar HIFIman Sundaras and, later, Anandas, the Sprout was a bit lacking. So I added a Schiit Magnius and balanced cables and all was well. Love my Sprout and this was the only area I’ve found where it needed a little assistance.

Do you think that it would be able to power the hd6xx?

I think so. Planar headphones are notoriously tough to drive, but the Sprout was great with the Sennheiser 560’s. It a good headphone amp for conventional headphones. I have a buddy that listens with Grado RS2 phones on a Sprout and he likes it.

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I have a pair of these and they are very easy to drive. (I have used them direct from the headphone jack on my iPad, and they work just fine. Not for concert-hall listening, granted.)

From my Schiit Asgaard, though, they are really good.

Bottlehead Crack with Speedball. Not as good but still very good is the Asgard 3.

It may be that the Sprout likes low impedence, high efficiency cans. It is one of the reasons that Beyer makes the DT 770 in 3 load variations, the Pro’s being 250 ohm. My son has the low impedence versions for his Twitch Streaming being used with a Focusrite Scarlett 3rd gen.

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