Heard the new Wilson Sasha V with full DCS stack - wow!

I went to a demo here in nyc this weekend of the new Sasha V speakers, driven by d’agastino electronics and the dealer described as a full DCS stack with master clock.

While it’s not easy to discern exactly what aspect of sound the Dac/streamer was contributing, i have to say it pulled out details I hadn’t heard before.

On Patricia Barber’s If this isn’t jazz (companion album) there is a glass being knocked over by one of the audience during a quiet section (2:20). It’s a simple sound and an easy cue to memorize.

Even though the Wilson system wasn’t being played that loud, I could hear so much more of the glass hitting the table that I ever could.

Less than an hour later I was back at my place playing the same cut (and another I heard demo’d,) and while I thought in general I prefer my system’s sense of life, (my Tad has vapor deposited beryllium concentric drivers and a ‘stat supertweeter) I still couldn’t reproduce the glass falling with the sense hearing the glass full front and center rather than a more of a distant tinkle in my system.

The Wilson’s were set up almost right against the front wall, in an effort to show that speakers don’t have to be out into the room to sound good (space being a premium here in NYC) so I’m not sure how much that might have added/detracted, I’m still left feeling that DCS stack is really something special.


I was at the demo event in Seattle (Definitive Audio, via Linn gear). Yeah- it makes it interestingly hard to determine whether to get Sasha V or Alexia V (if money is not object- I supposed Alexia, but money is always a concern for most of us).

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While this was one of the best I’ve heard Wilson’s, I’m a sucker for non conventional drivers.

If I were in the market for a speaker I would definitely consider trying to arrange a demo of the FR30 or 20 and something from the TAD line. While I haven’t yet heard them, I just have a feeling that midrange ribbon in the FR series is something special and certainly a vapor deposited beryllium concentric driver has some advantages over a traditional mid.

Also I recently heard the Alsyvox full range planars and was mightily impressed.

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It is.


It is².


I heard the same demo (but different tracks). Very impressive indeed! All a bit (more than a bit, actually) beyond my budget, unfortunately.

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