Wilson Alexia V

I was in the vicinity of my Wilson dealer, so decided to drop in.

As it happened, he had Alexia V’s (in gorgeous cranberry pearl), driven by CH L10 Pre & M10 monoblocks, already set up in one of the demo rooms…

I was instantly hooked, completely mesmerised by what I was hearing…
so I placed an order*!

Luckily (for my bank balance), the only Alexia V’s in the dealer’s stock are in Galaxy Grey (as are my current SabrinaX’s).

Much as though I love the cranberry pearl finish, the price hike is substantial, thus hard to justify to myself.
To my mind, the price differential would be a better investment as a component, viz my new Gryphon Essence Pre & Stereo amp, which are being installed tomorrow (hurrah!)

Happy days! :blush:

  • ‘only’ for the Alexia V’s. Whilst the CH gear was mightily impressive, they’re way over my budget!


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Thank you!

Lots of good ideas in this post of yours!

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Which, if any, of those “ideas” appeal to you?

Surely, you’re the proverbial pig, happily enjoying your Gryphon Apex(es?), Ethos, MU1 and Giya’s (and bunnies, of course!)…?

I like the Gryphon ideas, the Alex V idea, and the not CH Gear idea!

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Ah, but the Alexx V is an entirely different proposition…
at least for me! :blush:

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Wow! Color me cranberry pearl with envy!!
And I agree about the value for money of custom colors.


I loved what I heard from the Alex V;s at Axpona.
@RonP did not.
I am in no danger of getting them, but if I was shopping they would be on the list.

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I see that you’re also a SabrinaX owner.

Whilst I really like them, there’s such a significant difference in sound (to my ears) when listening to the Alexia V’s…

I appreciate that it’s a significant jump up the Wilson line of products (as I’m sure you know, the Alexia V sits in the middle, arguably the ‘sweet spot’), but it’s a leap that I feel is worth every penny of the significant investment involved! :blush:

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I’m going to my dealer today. I have a 1:00 appointment. And I have a buyer ready for one of my kidneys. And I’ll take any standard color but black.


I daren’t even listen to the Alexx V (I have spotted them from afar), now I know what the Alexia V’s sound like!

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As I wrote elsewhere on this forum, I recently heard them at someone’s house. They were powered by D’Agostino and they were mesmerizing. Wilson’s latest tweeter is da bomb!


Uh-oh, danger!

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I agree viz the tweeter, but I also think the midrange driver is stunning.

To my ears, the Alexia V’s have an ‘other worldly’ sound, placing one right in the studio/music hall with the musicians.

To me, that’s as a result of the superb synergy between all of the drivers (and, of course, the components driving them).

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I heard the Alexia V’s at a dealer demo in NYC awhile back, led by Peter McGrath. They were amazing. Way out of my budget though (not even counting the cost of a new house that I would need to hold them).


I am amused that the only speakers I would consider upgrading to make the Alex V look cheap. I do not want to be in the same room with the Wilson Chronosonic XVX. No sir.


Ha, I concur! :blush:

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Wow! Amazing, ‘straight out of the box(es)’…

I’m looking forward to hearing how the sound develops during the burn-in period!


Lucky, Lucky…
Look forward to hearing your impressions.

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