Hegel Rost vs PS Audio Stellar ... Who won?

A nice comparison between Hegel Rost and PS Audio Stellar GCD and S300

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It’s Adrian Low and one of his employees at Audio Excellence. They’re 15 minutes away from where I live.

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Big thumbs up for Audio Excellence. Great bunch of guys. I’m about a half hour away. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh Canada! I don’t miss it but I never went around the T.O. Dealers (Bay Bloor Radio…etc.etc.). I stuck with my local Guys East Hamilton Radio, Globe Discount, and the name escapes me but the Dealer where I bought my Adcom Amps in the early 90’s on Upper James St. again in Hamilton.

Enjoy the Snow ! And the Cold…but I do miss the Rideau Canal !

Toronto…I prefer it over Montreal on any given day. The City we Hamiltonian’s love to visit but can never live there ($$$$$$$$) but some have and still do.

Some of our Arizona A/V Club Members have the Hegel stuff and no argument, they sound great but I like my separates and honestly, I need the extra juice provided by the M700’s. With the SGCD/Preamp, still going strong after 8 months in my rig.

It’s pronounced Bramton.