Favorable Stellar P3 review from Upscale Audio


Upscale Audio Review

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Can we start calling it SP3? Save any confusion with P3 that came before it.


Being that Upscale Audio is a major reseller of PS Audio products, I would not expect them to say anything less than “stellar” things about any PSA products.


Yep - sales pitch included. There was some good info on the inner guts and the SP3’s features.

Still like my old P3 - will hold onto it for a while.

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How would this be any better or worse than a top of the line conditioner? I seriously get confused at times, wish someone unbiased could do a proper test of all conditioners and power generators and provide some conclusions…

Not a criticism of the Stellar, but dealer videos aren’t really reviews, they’re a sales pitch.


As far as sales pitches go, it was a good one. It least he went over some of the features I wasn’t aware of, like degaussing. Would definitely like to try one at some point. Would also like to read some real unbiased reviews when they become available.


Videos describing features & showing build quality is a useful starting point. Next step, independent reviews, third, dealer showroom audition & the final, most important step an “in home system” trial period. Good luck & have fun with it.