Help choosing a Power Amp

Thank you. I need a few days i think to get through my typical test songs on Spotify and Qobuz then some good tracks on stored media such as Mr. Davis etc.

It is a different sound vs last few amps i have had such a Quicksliver (and any other tube), Michi, Pass etc. So far very positive but only like 90 minutes in. I need more ear time.

Also if I go pre i have to be very careful as i dont want to flavor this much if at all. Just a good line stage or nothing at all.

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Check out Hattor Audio.

I have one of their active/passive preamplifiers and it is a real neat piece of kit which does exactly what it promises.

They offer all kinds of configurations from active to passive to active with tubes (w/ SE and/or XLR inputs and outputs).


Will do sir. Thank you.

Also look at the W4S STP-SE Stage 2 or even the Holo Serene KTE.

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The amp definitely sounds different than any other i have had. So i cant compare it to anything really. Without getting deep in the audiophile weeds , i can say this…

A very deep and centered sound stage. Sounds like the music comes from well back of the speakers. Very quiet amp. The music comes out of the black and kinda evelopes you. Great detail but far from in your face. Very easy to listen to at high levels. Low level is good but previous amps woth Cornwall 4s was better at low level.

My dang Rose pre is doing too good a job. Trying a few pre amps, the last being an older Modwright and it does not help. In fact everything sounds better with just Rose to amp.

Hate to go the DAC with voulme route but you would think a high quality pre or DAC can add value to the system.

I see some great stuff out there. Ill keep poking around. Eventually go usb out of Rose to dac then pre. Think id rather do that then try a 1 box Bartok solution. I did see a used Grimm as well. Ill keep plugging along…


Curious where you have the gain selection set, if not at max (29db, if I recall) maybe try bumping it up for “quiet” listening sessions

Can you remind us of your speakers?


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Great thought! I was actually thinking of trying it at -3 db but its blissfully quiet now. I have it at Max. I am going to change my source next time on a early morning. I think what i was missing may of been the result of Spotify. This amp may bring out a poor source material better than my last set up.

My speakers are Moabs. The rate at like 98 db or something nuts. They dont play that efficiently however. Or at least per my experience they needed a significant uptick in volume/power to drive them vs Cornwall IVs.