Help with high THD in my area

Here in my area we have a THD of 7.8%. The IEEE (Institute of Electrical Engineering) Standard 519,
the THD measurement should be less than 5%.
We are working with the local power company to help figure out what the issue is. It is wide spread effecting many customers.

To help gather THD data, Could members who own a power plant post their input THD numbers and the area they are located?

Central New Jersey
5.7% in
0.1% out

But surely it must vary with the service into your house, etc.

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Loveland CO
2.7% in
0.1% out

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If it’s higher than 5% they are outside service agreement and should fix the issue.
The IEEE (Institute of Electrical Engineering) Standard 519,
the THD measurement should be less than 5%.

It has gone up to as high as 10%THD here in Baltimore, MD area

Highland Park, IL
9.5% to 12.1% THD variable
0.1% THD out
New transformer in back of my lot, underground run
A win for the worst :grimacing:


Santa Fe NM
0.1% with P20

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Where is “here “ @jkrichards ?


Crazy high! I’m on ComEd in Woodridge. I’m around 4% (I’m a major league throw from the Edison substation that feeds my neighborhood, hope no one shoots at it, I like electricity). It got worse when they installed smart meters.

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Portland, OR
Peak High THD over the past week is 4%.
Avg out is .1%

At the moment 7.9 in, .1 out. Orland Park,Il.

Baltimore, MD area

Inland PNW
1-17 Jan
Peak High In: 4.4
Avg Out: 0.1

It’s pretty high today here in Munson Township, Ohio 44024. . . 2.3% . . . usually it’s between 1.8 and 2.0. THD out remains 0.1 all the time. P15 and P10 in use.

Southern MA, USA
3.9% in avg
0.1% out

Shoreline CT
1.8 Peak
average 1.5
0.1 out

But I do have a question. My P20 voltage is spot on level via 20am circuit But P10 is not all over the place but it certainly is not flat like my P20

Is your P10 set to High Regulation or to Low Distortion?

If I recall correctly, the P20 defaults to High Regulation from the factory.

can you tell from the web?

You can set it from the front screen, see your manual. You will however likely find it by playing around a little with the interface.

Edit: I realized I did not answer your specific question. No, the web interface does not have this setting.

This made me check. I haven’t checked in some time. At our new home in Fayetteville, AR I have 1.3%-1.8% in and 0.1% out. It is a new neighborhood with all underground utilities. The substation is about 300 yards away.