PowerPlay Graph Questions

Hi everyone,

Now that the PowerPlay web site has been re-launched, I’ve had a chance to look at the power graph of my P20 and I see something on the graph that I don’t understand. Does anyone have an idea why I see those small spikes in THD out every so often? Is this normal? What could be causing it?

My THD is pretty much smooth, so is the voltage. However, I have temperature question. Temperature plot from my P12 shows it is operating around 45C. The spec says the operating temperature is 0c to 40c.
Should I be worry about my P12 runs at 45c?

I think the spec is for ambient atmospheric (room air) temperature and not internal unit temperature.

Varying THD in incoming power as in your graph is normal. It varies with your and your neighbors’ use of power, especially powering air conditioning compressors, refrigerators, and other sizable motors.

Note also the left hand scale. The overall peak and valley range all falls withing one percent variation.

Thanks @Elk.

I realize that incoming THD is normal. My question is what are the small peaks in the outgoing THD? Is this normal? What could be causing it?

I am sorry, I read over your question and missed the point. My bad.

Mine does the opposite. I get hour plus long troughs of lower outgoing THD. For me there is a very rough correlation with lower voltage.

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Yep. Mine is the same. Flat for outgoing THD (0.1%).

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The graphs were helpful and let me know I needed to cool my P12 a little more. One fan click and the temp dropped from 39C to 35C.

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I have a P12 and a P5 in my system. Powerplay gets the P12 info without problems but when I try to do the same with the P5 all I get is a black screen. They are both connected to my network through the same switch. Any ideas what could be wrong? Thank in advance.

You have exceptionally low THD on the AC coming into your poweplant.

SoCal Edison has fixed most of the power problems in my tract, and they installed a new transformer near my house.

Dedicated 20A circuit and good fortune.

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I have a transformer at the front of my drop and solar that is grid connected and my incoming THD is around 3.5 percent. The P 10 brings it down to .1 or .2 and made a big improvement in the sound of my system.

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I have grid connected Solar PV as well.

Where are you located. I’m in Southern California, Southwest Riverside County. MY incoming has never steadily been over 2% THD. I had some prior over-voltage problems which I called the Utility about due to the Power Plant readings.

I live in Warwick, New York about 60 miles north west of New York City. My system uses a Fronius inverter. It is 10,000 watt 36 panel 3 array setup. It has been in service 6 years. It is great that your power is so clean.

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I was surprised it was as clean as it is. I just clicked 10 years with my Solar PV last month. 32 panel 6.0Kw system. Inverter and panels made by Sunpower. Just finalized last year’s annual billing cycle …they ended up owing me a little bit (under $100). I think the system is paid for at this point…

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I figured out what those little blips are on the graph.

When I run clean cycles, I usually do 5 cycles at 60 seconds each back to back. The little blips always coincide with those clean cycles.