Hi-Fi Experience Influencing Live Peformance--And Vice-Versa

I came across this interesting video with famed jazz bassist, Ron Carter, where he discusses among other things how his growing interest in hi-fi has influenced his awareness of sound and how he approaches his live performances.

I’m always hearing discussions about how our systems should be able to reproduce the live concert experience. Carter is certainly looking for that with his equipment, but the opposite process has also influenced him. He is now thinking about the quality of sound in live performance in relation to what he hears from his sound system.

What an amazing perspective he has on music, life, and education…


Great interview, thanks!

I’m more impressed by the rest of the interview, than by his HiFi conclusions, as I think he’s not yet at the point when selecting equipment by comparing the sound of one of his recordings with the sound he heard as a musician live at the performance.I think he misses the huge effect of recording and post processing technology at the time as well as various limitations of HiFi and home rooms. The equipment which plays his recordings to his satisfaction in this term might be totally out of tune generally…but maybe not, if he’s in luck and picked the right recording with good enough preconditions.

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