High Fidelity Reveal interconnects in house


Yeah, pricing for this stuff gets ridiculous. I was a bit skeptical that cables could make that much of an improvement but after having the HFCs in my system and listening for a few days it was like listening to an entirely new system. These cables bring out the best in my system.

If you think about them as another major component you kind of can rationalize the expense. I never thought I would pay 4K for a PSA dac either! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Gary_M, have you tried the MG Audio AG2?


I haven’t, but I did try MG Audio’s CU2 ic, and I am presently using their Planus II speaker cables which I like.


I am picking up a AG2 to go from DAC to preamp. Using a CU2 in that position now.


Hi Gary, were these the 1x4 or the 4x4?

Just curious about your data point as I’m demoing the Iconoclast OFE 4x4.


They were the 4x4 XLR OFE’s.


I really don’t wanna be an ass here, but HFC cables! Prices of the reference stuff is crazy!! Paul just did a post of demising returns…this tops the charts I think! My MG Audio cable are hi end enough for me.

I mean, if someone has the coin to spend 30K or more for 1 meter cable, please help a worthy cause ( like a homeless shelter or something ). Just my 2 cents. Not looking to debate my option at all either.


Yes their reference cable prices are off the charts. That being said, their entry level interconnect is one of the best sounding cables I’ve heard, and a bargain at the asking price of $1,299.


I read a review on the adapters a while back.


I have not tried the HFC cables but am in the throws of demoing Iconoclast, Shunyata, and ZU Audio
speaker cables in the $2k range. Just when I think I have a winner, I go back to another and I am back
on the audio-go-round again. Sources, burn-in and mood (with Scotch) play a huge part. I commend those who got it down to The One. Whish I could get on the same bus. Component choices are a lot easier. Hang in there.


@straightwire, completely agree. Different cables can have different characteristics in a system and what you prefer can depend upon your mood or the drink you have in hand at the time. It’s really hard to choose.

If you can I find listening over a period of a few days without changing cables and stressing over A/B testing is preferable becasuse you get a feel for what it’s like to live with the cable under multiple playing situations.

Do this with each brand you are auditioning and the one to keep will become self evident.

But no matter what you do, don’t ask your wife or S.O. because to her they all sound the same. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are right on all counts. I do long range listening as you described to determine ultimate livability.


For what it’s worth, I just tried MG Audio Planus AGII XLR cables. My jaw dropped to the floor. These are a keeper.


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll have to add those to my audition list.


Something to think about. Paul, who can get nearly any cable he wants ( many friends in the industry ) choose the MG Audio for their musical honestly. I’d have to agree 100%.


I think PSA’s music room features top end Audience interconnects but I could be wrong.


Strike that entry on PSA’s system interconnects. Got my wires crossed.


I’m pretty sure that the speaker cables are MG Audio…great cables. Oops I didn’t see the post a little further up.