High Fidelity Reveal interconnects in house

I’m auditioning a pair of XLR High Fidelity Reveal ic’s, which is this company’s entry level cable, and retails for $1,299 for a meter pair. They have about a week of burn-in on them from the factory, but they already sound quite extraordinary. They exhibit some of the best imaging, dynamics, transparency, bass extension, and PRAT I’ve heard from any of the recent ic’s I’ve auditioned.
I’m a little dumbfounded at level of musical satisfaction these cables are delivering, being they are barely broken-in, and the company’s entry level ic.

The Reveal’s are definitely on my short list of possible ic’s to upgrade to, along with the Transparent Ultra’s. I have one other brand I’d like to try, the AU24 sx from Audience, before making a final decision.

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Are you planning to compare with Iconoclast ?

Gary, there’s a touch of the masochist in you…:grinning:

I just can’t help myself. That being said, I’m glad I’m open to trying different cables, as they do make a significant difference, and can make or break your system. The Reveal ic’s have increased my enjoyment factor by many multiples, and their cost is not out of line.

At some point I’d like to add the BHK preamp, which I’m sure will add to the overall musicality of my system. But for now, by keeping things simple, and going direct from dac to amp, and stacking the equipment vertically on a rack that is located in-between the speakers, I cut down on the length of speaker cables and ic’s, and the number of ic’s and power cords that I need, thereby allowing me to increase my cable budget.

I already auditioned a pair of Iconoclast XLR OFE ic’s.

I’m getting a pair of 4x4 OFE XLRs soon. How was your experience? (Sorry, if you posted that already somewhere…)

I thought they were quite good, but only bettered my current pair of ic’s in some areas, and not others.
Also my whole perception of how much difference cabling can make, was destroyed when I tried a pair of Transparent Ultra’s, which raised the bar significantly. Not wanting to spend 3K on a pair of ic’s, I’ve been on the search auditioning other brands of ic’s. The Reveal’s might just be the ticket for me.

It’s all part of the fun… As long as you derive pleasure from it/them then good for you.

I had the my longest listening session yet, since purchasing the PS Audio gear, last night, after inserting the Reveal ic’s. I had to force myself to go to bed at 3 AM.

That’s a good indication that they are the cables for you. Enjoy…“until the burn-in kicks in”…:grinning:

They were placed on a cable cooker at the factory for a week, then the dealer had them burning-in for 3 or 4 days. I honestly didn’t expect them to sound very good at first, but they’ve bettered everything else that’s come before them, except maybe the Transparent Ultra’s. But I have learned over time, that I usually notice everything a piece of equipment or cable does “right” at first, then afterwards my attention is drawn to the cons of that particular piece of gear of cable. And yes, I’m sure the burn-in roller coaster ride awaits me.

I will look in on you in a few weeks to see how they are sounding.

What’s in the bananas in the middle of the cables?



You really should audition the Iconoclasts also.

Just read that the manufacturer says these cables require 1500 hrs to completely burn-in.
First of all I really appreciate a manufacturer fessing up to the fact that burn in is required, and secondly, if they sound this good with only 240 hrs on them, I’m in for a real treat.

Scroll up. Already mentioned i have.

Great. Love to know what works best in your system.


Timely post. I just auditioned a pair of HFC Reveal SC and balanced ICs from The Cable Company.

The increased imaging, detail and soundstage in my system were dramatic. I compared them to cables from Purist Audio Design which were also very good, a more full bodied sound but I decided to go with the HFCs as the realism was unparalleled.

A full loom can be quite costly but from what I have read you can get sonic improvements with each cable that is added so once you are on the HFC train it might be hard to get off.

Good luck!


PS I would also recommend the lending library from The Cable Company. I didn’t have a HFC dealer near me so this service worked out for me.

I was introduced to Rick, the principal designer of High Fidelity cables, back when he started his first company, Virtual Dynamics, his first foray into the use of magnets with signal and power cables. I’m still using his Nite II power cables, which at the time they came out, were leaps and bounds above the competition. I pretty much gave up considering any of his newer designs, because they are so damn expensive. When he initially came out with Reveal line, the XLR ic’s sold for $700. Wish I had acted sooner. But even at their current price they’re a bargain.

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