New speaker cables

I have just updated all of my interconnects and phono cable with Audio Sensibility Signature. Now I’m want to replace my bluejean speaker cables. There are two in particular I’m interested in they are the Signature from the company already mentioned and the Silversmith Fidelium ribbon cables. I want a quality cable that really makes a difference in my system. If you have experience with either of these please reply. I will also consider other similar quality cables.


It’s pretty hard to beat the Iconoclast cables for any amount of money.


I have the Silversmith Fideliums, other than being a tad difficult to attach to some binding posts I love them. Terrific Value for the money


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I replaced Siltech with Iconoclast. Can’t do better at that price point.

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Thanks for the suggestion I will check them out.


They have been on my wants list for a while, love how they look.

Given what the OP seeks, we need to know what he means by “a difference”. So far none of the responses have addressed his need!

They have a very loose 30 day trial period and give you all of the different conductor alloys to try out. And they are a great group of people to work with.


I’d suggest arranging for a shoot-out between the Iconoclast, Audio Sensibility and Silversmith Fidelium. As each has rather limited market penetration and the latter being relatively new seeking opinions may have limited value. That and this forum tends to have a bias towards the Iconoclast line. I have the Audio Sensibility Statement Silver SE XLR and the Iconoclast SPTPC RCA. I do prefer the Iconoclast interconnect as it provides for greater musical coherence and temporal balance in my system(s). The Audio Sensibility has a slightly uplifted high end, which initially can be fun. The Audio Sensibility Ohno copper may be more to my liking than the silver. As we have a cat who enjoys nibbling on cellophane, plastic ribbons and the like there will be no ribbon cables here.

BTW what amplifier, preamp and speakers are you running?


RobinHood is better than Iconoclast in my system…

I would demo both and compare :slight_smile:

Chiming in to agree with the shootout, all I think will give you a free trial, pretty sure Silversmith did, of course I didn’t send them back so can’t recall. Let us know what you choose.

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Here is list of components that I’m using:

Power amplifiers
Quicksilver Silver 88 Mono amps
McIntosh mc75 mono amps vintage - inactive
Dayton sa1000 subwoofer amplifier new

PrimaLuna EVO 100 Tube Preamplifier new

PrimaLuna EVO 100 Tube DAC new - inactive

Manley Chinook phonostage

Merrill Williams R.E.A.L 101 Turntable

Jelco tk-850l - 12"
Nottingham Analogue Ace Space 9" tonearm inactive

Soundsmith Zephyr MIM * ES cartridge

Digital sources
Bluesound node 2i streamer new

MB custom 12" subwoofer x 4 new

Audio Sensibility interconnects - new
Audio Sensibility phono cable - new
Bluejean cables speaker cables
Synergistic research power coupler x 3
Morrow power cables x 2

Power regenerator
PS Audio P10 power plant

Listening room size 20’ long x 14’ wide x 9’ in height

Bass traps and absorbers throughout the room.


I was wondering if the shootout occurred- and what was the decision? I would love to hear your thoughts which cables you did try and then picked.

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Hi Zardozm
Every cable in my system is an AudioSensibility signature occ silver RCA except an XLR which is his Statement occ copper which goes into a Decware Zbit, ( thank you Lonson for the introduction to Decware) (I also picked up the Z rock) to RCA transformer because I am using an Analogue preamp. I like the effect of a little bit of copper earthiness, I first heard of the Silversmith fidellium on this forum and have been intrigued, wondering how it sounds. In my mind I’m thinking it won’t best the AS signature, just different. (I was very taken aback when I put in the AS cable and heard it) but everything is system dependent, so, who knows, ergo, please post your results and thoughts. Steve does offer a 30 day trial and I heard a difference the instant I put in the cable and kept it, not feeling the need to change it. I sent Steve an email wondering if he would build an occ silver signature I2s cable, guaranteed not to take months to arrive, if he builds it. unfortunately no word back yet. That is the last cable I need, next step is power cords.

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I haven’t had a chance to demo anything yet, although the audio sensibility cables are very appealing to me. I like fidelium for there flat design, but would prefer they had a more conventional hookup like spades. My components are setup for spades and banana plugs, not leaving alot of space even with there adapter. Also waiting for finances to permit purchase.