Holo Audio: one of the best dacs ever? J Atkinson, H Reichert, S Deckert, M Lavorgna, GoldenSound, D Abramson and the Stereophile reviewers think so. Stereophile A+ and POY 2020

I also leave my May KTE on 24/7 and cycle power on the entire system every 2-3 weeks. I follow the practice of digital always powered on, analog powered off when not being used.


I follow that practice as well with the exception of my analog Decware ZROCK2 which is designed to remain on continuously.

Just adding my $0.02 - I think the best DAC ever is the one you are listening to.

I’ve only had 4 - 5! DACs (actually that isn’t true - I must have had a DAC in every single CD player I’ve owned - but you get the point - I did forget 2 - 3! though…).
My first was a Hugo2 fed by RPi 4 running Squeezelite and PcP, then Hugo 2go. I got a Graham Slee Bitzie 2nd hand but I can’t remember if that was before the Hugo2 (just BC - Before Covid - not me, but things are a little hazy on recollection - must have been first though) .
The next was built into the HiFi Rose RS150B and that’s in my main system. I like it for its sound and convenience, but the Hugo2 is a great DAC and it’s on my BHK pre amp and Cyrus 300x’s
The other two are a Dragonfly Red , which my son now has, and the final one a Dragonfly Cobalt, which is now fed by the Pi (or PC) into AE1 actives.
I can’t comment on the Holo May, I always lusted after a DAVE but went down the ROSE path to reduce the number of boxes. I’m sure I will get sucked in to the latest and greatest, but for now I’m really happy with the sound I get from my PST into Rose via AES and out to Mcintosh C70 etc etc.

I sort of forgot the punchline, which was that I was very pleased with each of those DACs - until I heard the next one. However, all of them are still here (even the ones in the CD players…)