Hooking up sgcd to bhk preamp for dac only

what would be the best way to hook this up? i thought it would be wise to go from sgcd via analog balanced xlr input to balanced xlr input on the bhk preamp. i was going to order some balanced inter connect cables to do this but it didnt dawn on me it would take some kind of double male ended xlr balanced cable. i did read that analog sources connected with either rca or xlr will be treated as balanced signals. this feels a bit intimidating to me due to lack of knowlege.so im basically asking how to hook up sgcd to use only as a dac into the bhk pre amp. thanks

If its a short run you can certainly use RCA single ended cables. XLR balanced provides better signal protection against hum, as well as lowering the noise floor since the signal is amplified by sending more voltage from the outputs. XLRs are usually considered a better option, but not necessarily a needed one.

Try the RCAs and see what you think.

I have a SGCD in my office headphone system. It is completely used in single ended mode with RCA cables. I use it as both a DAC and as a preamp. Single ended output to a headphone amp via RCAs.

heres what i am talking about-trying to find a cable that would work for this

Those pictured are both input cables (jacks). Output from the DAC to the Preamp input. Standard XLR cables. (do not connect input to input).

The SGCD “analog” outputs are in the center of the rear panel.