Household Power Regenerator

Have you given any thought to creating a power plant for use on household appliances? I ask because of the current push to have “smart meters” installed in our homes replacing the older electric meters so that electric utilities can regulate our power usage without our permission. These new meters will be able to regulate our thermostats and refrigerators etc whenever the utilities feel like it. A power plant would theoretically strip out the signals sent into our homes through the “smart meter” thus giving us back control of electricity we pay for anyway. Is this doable or is this a non starter?

Our local utility lies through their teeth to tell us how wonderful it will be when they can completely control our lives. The real goal is not to help the customer but to allow the utility to control us more.

We ventured into that quagmire with our PowerPlay line of products some time ago and realized it’s not for us - we’re better at two-channel.