Power Plant

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I am now using a Isotek EVO3 Aquarius main conditioner. I need one more.
Being a loyal user of PS Audio in the sound products recently. I would like to know what is the advantage and disadvantage of switch to a PS Audio P3 or P5. (PWT+DSD; NuWave Phone converter are using)
I know the power is "re-generated", but can anyone told me more in simple English?4_gif

Well, the answer is, as you suggest, regenerated power. That’s important for two main reasons: it’s fully regulated and the impedance is hundreds of times lower than what comes out of the wall. That’s a hard combination to beat. The Isotek does neither of these. I’ve never understood spending money for AC power that does not include proper regeneration. A lot of people seem to think the regeneration is more about make ‘new’ power that is supposed to be better, and never really understanding what that means.

Better to simply understand we take what comes out of the wall, regulate it to within 1/10th of a volt and lower the impedance by several large magnitudes. That’s what’s really important.

In the process we also remove all the harmonic distortion products, fix the flat topped waveform robbing your system of peak power, and for a bit of icing on the cake, you can engage MultiWave.

A Power Plant works something like a specialized amplifier. It takes current from the wall, and outputs a single AC waveform of the appropriate voltage and frequency for where you live.

It does this by using the power from the wall to create a new waveform. Most other power products do not create a new, better AC waveform. Instead, they try to filter out what is wrong with the waveform coming out of the wall. Filtering the existing waveform can help, but it cannot fix the fundamental problems which are there.

Perhaps think of the current from the wall like a broken bowl. A filter can glue some of the pieces of the bowl back together, but cannot fix the cracks or fill in the missing parts that are lost. A Power Plant takes the pieces, grinds them up, and makes a new bowl.

Did P5 the only model with Surge & spike protection? Didn’t found such info in the product page

How many UK port did P3 & P10 provide?