Smart receptacle with Power Plant

I have a Power Plant 12. I ran a dedicated 10 ga line and it ends in a PS Audio Power Port receptacle. Do you see any problem replacing the Power Port receptacle with a smart receptacle: I would like to use the Hubspace app on my iPhone Instead of powering on and off four different power sources across the room. I guess I could just install it and see if it works.

I’m part way there. The bodies of the smart receptacles are large and I’m trying to fit two of them into a two gang duplex box with 10 ga wire. I’m taking a break to type this. Maybe a little encouragement?


I would advise against it because its instantaneous current draw as would be required by the PP12’s power supply is compromised by the solid-state switching device. Having said that you can’t hurt anything by trying it and evaluating its sonic impact vs its convenience.

Thanks for the caution. I finally got everything crammed it and the P12 turned on fine. There are five separate duplex smart receptacles in the room. Each of the ten outlets can be programed individually or they can become part of a group. Next step will be to group the audio components needed to start the group named “Media Center” for music. Voice command: “Hey Google, start Media Center”, If I want TV I do voice command to start TV. I’ve had enough for today. Grouping tomorrow.

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An update for anyone who would like to simplify turning on many
switches. In the software called Hubspace we named each outlet and made a group called “Entertainment”. But Google Home could not see the group name but it could see each individual outlet. We put all the outlets in a room in Google Home called “family room”. Now, we just say, "Hey Google turn on “family room” and all the outlets, including the P12 power station turn on and off. This is so much easier than before.

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