How about turntable lighting?... It's an accessory AND a tweak!


Yeah, I’ve got one of those also, the SL-1700 MKII. A great deck that my father purchased new in 1979. Everything on it still works flawlessly, but I can’t help but think the tonearm wires could use replacement and probably some caps replaced, and just a general cleaning and tuneup.


No worries. Here’s a Translation:

“Having held off for Digital Centuries since its inception, and just today having Gone There with the help of a former IBM employee and Early Adopter of the system, I just got some Philips Hue kit.”

  • This thread is about lighting. I just bought some Philips Hue lights, after avoiding being an early adopter a few years back, despite loving the concept.

“Put in a half dozen bits on two floors. I haven’t yet installed, but could/will be programming, “Hey Siri/Alexa, light the turntable”, and could subsequently say/yell that from the kitchen or whathaveyou, and the iPad sitting on the music room couch would execute it. Or the Phone from the road. And can say at any time, “Turn the TT blue” or whatever.”

  • These are individually or group/room, Wi-Fi controlled light bulbs of various sorts, so you can open the Hue App on your phone , computer or tablet and control all of the lights you’ve installed from any of your devices. If you buy the color bulbs, you also have the option of millions of hues at your fingertips.

Furthermore, if you want to “Sell your soul…” as below, you can have an Amazon, Apple, Google, etc. device that allows you to talk to it. You can say, (Apple), “Hey Siri, turn the Kitchen Blue”, out loud or into your device and it happens. But you’re agreeing to share all of this data with whomever, and there is potential for abuse, as there is essentially an open microphone in your house.

But you could say, “Turn off living room lights, turn on Turntable”. or you can just do it manually from the app on your phone, etc.

You can also do it from the road, as the guy at Home Depot who advised me on the initial purchase did to his son. He was on the road, knew his son and buddies were having a party downstairs at the house at the bar, which is fully tricked out with Hue lights. He sent the command to turn all the lights up full white/bright. His son replied via text, “Dad, you’re an asshole” : ). But he knew his son was a techie and would find it (sorta) funny.

“Selling my soul to the Digi-Devil, and opening a mic to my house/life…but I must admit, it’s cool.”


Ahh… Gotcha.

I once took a screen shot of my friend’s desktop on his laptop, made it the desktop wallpaper and “hid” all of his icons. Took him three hours to figure out what the hell happened to his laptop. He was on the verge of reformatting the drive and reinstalling the OS!

The things friends do to each other when there’s alcohol involved. LOL


Even more fun to use a screen shot of the Windows blue screen of death.


I’ve been wanting to get a light for my own TT setup, but I’ve read that the “digital” or LED lights generate some nasty electrical noise. Wasn’t sure if that was something that would be acceptable when trying to amplify a low signal.


Unless your setup is super sensitive or something, I doubt an LED light is going to bother anything. My system is completely dead silent in between tracks.

Then again, if you’re running a Grado cart, you may already have hum issues and may not want to chance it with another possible source of noise.


This is pure evil but very funny.


Maybe there could be noise in certain applications due to wall warts or something, but here’s Darren’s Stellar Pre in progress, with LED’s integral to the design (for audio, not visual purposes). Dead-quiet unit


I watched that 30 minute video about the new phono pre. Man, I would love to have that in my system, but no way I can foot $2k for one. Plus, I think it would be wasted on my little turntable/cart combo.


It is kicking ass so far, and is still being tweaked. Looking forward to having it tested in my system.


No way, man. I can still hear the voice of Hal 9000; “Sorry Dave…”


Lucky to be you! I’d be happy to test it in my system! LOL

Heck, I’d be perfectly happy with a NuWave Phono Converter, though I would never need or use the A/D part of it.


Have one to sell if you’re interested…


Hmm… Tempting. I just might be.


Yeah - it’s insidious. Turned off Siri and Homekit…(Siri has always been a Crazy Beeyatch to me, and usually refuses to understand me when I speak a text to my kids unless I pitch my voice up an octave ; ).

But if you end up with most/all your bulbs on this thing, you have to pull out your phone and tap away at it to walk into another part of the house at night and see where you’re going unless you use some form of voice control. It is entirely possible to get more sophisticated with it, Location Awareness (e.g. you can leave the house and it sets your Away settings, and when you get back it turns on the lights to welcome you)… etc.


Hopefully you wil keep the NPC at least till you can compare it to Darren’s latest creation! I’d love to hear your impressions to see if I should start planning for another purchase!


I’ve heard it at an earlier stage in MR2 and it sounded wonderful - though I had never heard the TT set up in there (or across the street). A mutual friend has a nice large system and we put it up against his (admittedly less expensive) Sutherland, and it just blew it away. He’s buying one. Yet more tweaking has ensued, Darren’s giving it a workout in multiple systems.

Once he gets the MC tweaked he’ll be bringing it over here. I’ve been using my old VTL TL2.5 pre with phono stage, and I just love this thing. NOS Mullards and Teles in it. Should pop the NPC back in for a compare before hearing the Stellar in my system. So far I have the sense it’s going to punch way above its class. They need a new ‘Stellar By Starlight’ Line or something ; ). DHM Signature (don’t actually know what his middle initial is, I’ll ask).

Edit: J. So hopefully, eventually we’ll be seeing DJM Signature stuff : )


You’re selling a NewWave Phono Stage? Any details?


It’s the Phono Converter - ADC and DAC and MM/MC phono stage in one box with the usual massive PS toroidal transformer, weighs 14 lbs. Does 2x DSD, has i2s out. Very good shape (did not meticulously clean it here) and low hours. Manual and power cord. Not sure I have the original box. $1k shipped.


I’ll give it some thought and let you know. Thanks for the quick response.