My turntable needs some love!

Since adding the Directstream to my system I have not felt the need to play any records. The sound is so analog like I have been spending all my time rediscovering my CD collection. Here is a picture of my TT looking lonely. :cry:


I think he’d need some serious anabolic steroids to compete wit the DS :wink:

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Does look kind of lonely…

I completely agree! Too bad I have so many records and so much invested in it …

It might just be a case of a new shiny thing you have to play with. Keep both and enjoy. That’s what I do. And who wants to go out and ‘re-purchase’ all the music you have on vinyl?
Wait until there is a proven, hassle free, cheap, direct streaming service before getting rid of both your TT AND the DMP/DS-Dac

It’s not really the new shiny thing, I’ve had the DS for 3-1/2 years and the DMP for over a year. It really does sound that good and is so much easier to use. Haven’t touched my turntable in months :disappointed:

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The complexity of all the options and quest for the “best” path can be daunting. I’d rather stick a pencil in my eye than wrestle with JRiver and all it’s configuration options. I am getting a Bridge II shipped this weekend and once configured then it will be the USB vs. Bridge II decision point. MQA source bridge II only, DSD file either unless it’s double rate etc… There is something to be said with putting on a record or CD and knowing that the music will just play. :grinning:

I might be lonely with this opinion among those who also love vinyl, but unless you have three times the money to spend on a vinyl rig/surrounding AND if you don’t listen to vinyl to have a different tonality, you won’t have such quality from vinyl. Say byebye then and just play those records which are not available digitally :wink:

I wish PS Audio gear was as cheap in Australia as it is in the USA. The PS Audio DMP/DSsnr combo is AUD 15K. That buys a LOT of TT/Arm/Catridge and puts the sound quality easily in the same catagory as the CD/SACD world.
I agree that it’s MUCH easier to play and store silver discs plus there isn’t the hassle of cleaning disks and another bonus is the absence of noise.

You’re. right, I’m always just thinking of a DSsr with Bridge when I use this argument, so half of it. I’m finished with physical digital discs.

I have a nice analog setup, however ever since I bought the DS, bet it doesn’t have much more than 30 hours on it. My DS has hundreds of hours on it. I play records for guests mostly, the DS for me. The combination of convenience and great sound is unbeatable.