How can bridge1 work with Roon? or I must Upgrade it to BridgeII?

I have the PWDII with Bridge1 , now I want to use Roon , but the RoonServer Can not find the device . I have already Update my PWDII firmware to the latest version , but it still dose not work. So I try to updated the bridge firmware, but I don’t know how to update it (I have already download the firmware and copy it into SD card, but … ).

So the question is :
must I upgrade my bridge to bridge II?
How to update the firmware of Bridge1?
thx for your patience and kindness. I am waiting for the help.

To my knowledge Bridge I is not a ROON Tested/Ready device. Bridge II is already for some time a ROON Tested/Ready device. If you upgrade to Bridge II with the latest firmware (3.6.86), ROON will find your PS Audio device.

Thank you . So I should not waste time on the bridge 1.

Bridge I is a no-go. Bridge II will solve your ROON issue, but Bridge II has two camps. There are a lot of happy users, but there are also a lot of unhappy users. For a long time I had issues like pops and ticks during DSD playback and during PCM-DSD transitions. Fortunately recent Bridge II update 3.8.86 solved most of the issues. Read all about it on this forum. If you don’t mind adding extra devices, you can also consider keeping the PWD MKII and buy for example an Auralic Aries G1 or a Lumin U1 mini.