How ii the Roon interface working for most pwd mk2 owners with Bridge2.

It is working well for me.

Only glitch was when I installed a new router. Roon stop seeing the bridge II but a reboot of Roon core (after rebooting the PWD a couple of times with no success) fixed the problem.

The general idea is ROONworks well with pwd mk2 and Bridge 2 and it is safe to upgrade the Dac and Bridge firmware.

is there still a Roon discount for current Bridge2 users.

The offer Paul made for a 30 day free trial ended on 15 August. I did try to use it a few days later and it told me it was an invalid code. PS Audio is offering a year of Roon if you buy a new DS, DS Jr., or Bridge II, but as far as I know it only applies to new purchases from 26 August to the end of September. Leaves me out for sure. Would like to try Roon, but the 14 day free offer on the Roon website seems a bit too short for me.

Took me 14 minutes to decide to keep it kiss, really I don’t think it will take you 14 days to know.

Iam going to try Roon hope there is not to many problems.

Rogerdn, based on Paul’s initial enthusiasm for Roon I have wanted to try it. Now that the Bridge is capable of working with it I’m game, but I have been spending a lot of time in Michigan’s north woods so I’m away from my system. In the next month or so I should have an opportunity to try it, but there have been some reports of slightly lower sound quality, or at least that was my take. I’ve been using JRiver for a while and am happy with it, but then I don’t know what I’m missing with Roon. Something to look forward to …

Oh then enjoy, love the northern woods, spent time as kid fishing upper Minn and Wisconsin, beautiful country, great memories.

Is Roon only available for PWD MkII and above? I have a PWD Mk1 w a corresponding bridge I. I just downloaded Roon to see how it works etc… Having issues with my Squeezebox Touch and before I try and troubleshoot the PWD, it would appear that only PWD MkII and new machines are Roon capable? If so, is that because of the Bridge component?

Roon will work on a PWD MK1, as long as you have a bridge II.


Thxs Dennis, Bridge I here… yet another reason to upgrade my pwd Mk1 w Bridge1 to a DS box…

Roon is excellent, with a support team that appears to provide ample assistance and welcomes input for future improvements. After the trial period, I purchased.