How can I tell if I have a Bridge or Bridge II?

I’ve upgraded the device a few times and have lost track. It started out as a PWD and has been added to more than once.

what is the easiest way to check? Thanks

Pull the bridge out, and if it has a daughter card on it, it is a bridge II. If it does not it is a bridge I.


Groan. Will do. Dragging audio gear out of racks is grim. I’d hoped you had a programmer like C3PO.bin

What is the version of bridge code? if it is 0.2.15 it is a Bridge I. If it is 1.2.3 or 1.2.5 or 2.7.11 it is abridge II.


Much easier. I have “Bridge Version: 0.2.15a”, so a 1 and it explains why Roon wasn’t finding the unit.