Various multi wave settings for P10

curious. has anyone tried playing with the six settings for multi-wave on the P10. Default is 4 and I was curious if anyone had found others to work better. Just got a P10 so am learning what it is capable of. thanks for any feedback

I’ve played a lot with Multi Wave on both the P5 I’ve had a few years and the P10 I’ve only had a few days.

I certainly like many recordings with any of the levels of the Multi Wave, but for the bulk of my recordings I don’t go over 2 for most Redbook, 3 with most Hi Res. With the ribbon tweeters that I have and their minimal crossover, when I go above 2 some high frequency sound becomes “hot” and breaks out from the surrounding natural sound. I think that might be different with different speakers or perhaps cabling, so experimenting is the way to go for anyone with the Multi Wave function. . . .