How many sets of speakers do you have?

I have two pair of speakers, both made in 1987. The first pair are polk sda2a’s, and the second pair are apogee duetta 2. Placement of these two pair are totally opposite of each other, the apogee’s need a lot of space from the wall behind them, and the Polk’s can be put right up against the wall.


Didn’t buy a prepackaged version. Mine is fully loaded except motor is DC and the power supply is Lingo.
Cart is Kandid.

Cool, that Kandid cartridge is very nice. When I had my LP12 upgraded, Kore sub chassis Lingo IV and new AC motor, Ken was pushing a Crystal which sounded great but my current MC still had a lot of life left in it. For $5k you got a great turntable package and apparently a great deal. Seems you are at Radikal level, I went as far as Akurate. Enjoy it!

Thanks. With the new TT, cart,etc, now I can smell the onions on Scott LaFaro’s breath.

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Set-up properly the Linn LP 12 can provide for an excellent listening experience. Now you’ve done it, you have me thinking cartridge upgrade. Fortunately the turntable is in another state so no rush.

Frankly, I think I overpaid for the Kandid. I’m going to give it a couple weeks.

I listened to the Avantgarde Uno horn speakers, the best I ever heard, those Duo must be fantastic.

Wilson W/P8 in main room, Thiel’s CS2.4 out on loan, 2 pair of Mumma Audio Mosen (Swedish hand built speakers) and 7 Thiel in/on wall speakers in the HT with 4 RBH in ceiling for Atmos.

Im interested in the LRs
what do you use for an amp?

Currently 3 sets, working on a 4th
KLH Kendalls (primary)
Klipsch RP-600M
Emotiva T-Zero+
Working/waiting on a pair of Manepan LRS

I don’t have LRSs, so I can’t answer that question. I have .7s, and I power them with M700s.

I power mine with a pair of PS Audio M700 monoblocks. Perfection.


Thats my plan if I can actually get a pair of LRS’s. Plan on checking on the current wait time Monday, but last I checked I still have a while to wait.

Pioneer BP-22 - garage
Kef Q150 - desktop
Triangle BR-08 - listening room/theater
GoldenEar Triton 5 - theater (7.1.4)
PSB in-walls, C60 center, sub - living room (5.1)
Magnepan 1.7i - listening room
Apogee Duetta Signatures (restored) - listening room

And I still have a pair mounted to the wall in a desktop setup driven by an equally old Optimus STA300 that’s in daily use.

Other than the Minimus 7
Philharmonic Audio BMR (originals in Salk boxes) in the HT setup paired with Revel C10 center and M8 surrounds.
Salk Supercharged SongSurround in an office system.
RSL CG4 and CG24 currently w the daughter child. These will be my trade if I go the M700 route for the new system I’m building.
And arriving Tuesday are the Spatial M4!
The M4 will reside in the new setup that will replace the Salk SCSS.

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Listening Rm - PSA FR 30 / Magnaplanar 1.7i (for sale)
T.V. Rm 1 - Focal 5.1
T.V. Rm 2 - Definitive Audio 5.1
Game Rm - Genelec 2way, sub
Desk - B&W mini monitor
Woodshop - Bose self powered
Outdoor - Sonance


Way too many, :cowboy_hat_face:
Genesis V - the original Arnie Nudell Version
Sony SS-NA2ES swore I’d never buy Sony, heard these and was bowled over, I told the dealer that they should change the Sony badge on them and they’d sell many more.
PureAudioProject Trio 15 Classics part of my H-efficiency SET experiment
Aerial 5T with REL 5ti
Gradient Revolution - need to put these up for sale
KEF 101 Reference - need to put these up for sale, I originally had intended to, when my wife listened to them and said NO WAY!

Would like to add to my collection:
Vandersteen Treo CT
Magnepan 1.7i or 3.7i
Wilson Sabrina X
Those I thought I’d like but went down a different path for various reasons
Revel Ultima II Studio/Salon
Sonus Faber Olympica III and Nova III
Focal Sopra 2/3
PS Audio AN30, heard at RMAF 2019


GoldenEar Triton Three (HT)
GoldenEar SuperCenter XXL (HT)
GoldenEar SuperSat 3 (HT)
Rythmik F12SE (HT)
Rythmik L12 (HT)
Paradigm MilleniaSub (HT)
PSB Imagine XA (HT, Dolby Atmos)

Definitive Technology SM45 (Office, if not listening to headphones)

GoldenEar SuperCinema 3D Array XL (Kids room)

JBL Arena 130 (Kitchen/dining)

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Wilson Sabrina x 1
Devialet Reactor x 1
Zuma Lumisonic x 24 (over 7 zones)


2 Channel
Bluesound Pulse
Focal Aria 936
KEF LS50 Wireless

Home Theater
Front L/R: DIY tower speakers (Scanspeak & Bohlender Graebener drivers)
Surrounds: Pioneer SP-BS21-LR
Center: Sonos Faber Solo Home (center channel)
Sub: Parts Express (kit)

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