How Many Pairs of Speakers Have You Owned?

Let’s include pairs you had as a youth and pairs you’ve had on loan. I guess home theater is fair game.

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4 is the answer, not 3, not 5, but 4.


Wait a week and I’ll have to vote again.


I changed my speakers to get the same product with a different colour veneer. Does that count as one or two? And why pairs? I’m about to buy a system with about a dozen speakers.

I had a purchasing upgrade bout where I purchased three different pairs of speakers in three months.


Another sub-list would be the most of one brand you’ve owned? 9 pairs of a specific brand

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Didn’t see the ‘Too many to remember’ check-box.


I have had 14 pair / sets of home speakers and at least that many more in cars. I didn’t count the car stereo sets.

If you include HT, well that really skews the numbers. My main HT system is 9.2.4 and my smaller HT system is 5.1, so not counting two channel audio, that’s 21 current speakers, and that’s not counting a few spare HT speakers and older subwoofers. Just two channel audio, the answer is 4.

Stereo loudspeaker pairs in order of ownership from 1981 to present

Paisley AE-400
Mirage SM-2.5
Meridian M3 Rosewood
Spica TC50 w/ upgraded crossovers
Totem Model One
Martin Logan Aerius
Dunlavy SC-4
Merlin VSM-M
*Meridian M100 Walnut
*Meridian M3 Walnut
*Meridian M2 Walnut
*Meridian M20 Black
*Meridian M2 Black
*Meridian M30 Black

Multi-channel loudspeaker sets from 2008 to present

Meridian DSP5000C
Meridian DSP5500C
Meridian DSP6000, DSP6000C, & DSP5000
*5x Tannoy System DMT10 MkII
*6x Castle Durham
*5x ATC SCM20ASL Pro Mk II & 4x ATC SCM12i Pro

*All loudspeakers marked with an asteryx are currently in use in our home or businesses

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Advent bookshelves
Big Bozak cabinets
Thiel 3.5
Alon IV
Alon V
Von Schweikert VR 4.5
Audio Physic Virgo (II?)
LSA standmounts
NOLA Contenders (1st model)
DeVore Gibbon X

… and from an old bedroom system, NHT bookshelves (stlll got those and the Contenders, plus DeVore).

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At least 30. Still have about 19. Mags beat all. IMO. It is the collector disease that infests. Recovery does not seem to be imminent. Highlights are 7 prs of mags, Pro-22s, Altecs, JBL, Webb Phoenix, Webb Scorpions, Leak Sandwich, B&W, DCM TF-1000, and custom dipoles with Heil Motion tweeters built by Peter Marr - STILL want to learn who this guy is… Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?
But it all started with a pair of radio shack bass reflex speakers I got for Christmas in 1979. Hooked ever since.

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Monitor Audio

In Chronological Order of date purchased and current status. A somewhat self-indulgent list but it is fun to go down memory lane. Kind of the audiophile version of the full monty:

High School and College years.
JBL 216A Bookshelf - 1982 High School - my mother is still using them in her living room
Panasonic ??? - 1986 - College floorstanders for parties and dancing. Donated to goodwill.

Early Audiophile Years - post grad school loans, no kids, no wife
Totem Model 1 - 1996 - My entry into audiophile - sitting in closet waiting to be used again.
Totem Mani 2 - 1997 - loaned to a friend that needs music in his life
Totem Model 1 Center Channel - sitting in closet if I ever care about surround sound again

Later Audiophile Years - no loans, no kids, still no wife
Monitor Audio Platinum 300’s - 2017 - sold in 2019 to help finance Maggies below.
KEF LS 50 Wireless - 2019 - sold to an ex-girlfriend - she loves them.
ADAM F7 - 2019 - powered monitors used as my office desktop set up at work.
Maggie 20.7 - 2019 - sold in 2020 to help finance MBL purchases below
Decware Model ZF15M - 2020 loaned to a friend that has flee watt tube amps
MBL 120 - 2020 purchased used and possibly for sale. Loaned to a friend.
MBL 101 E MK II. - 2020 - thinking that I don’t need to purchase speakers for a few years now.

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The Totem Model 1’s were my entry into the audiophile realm. Still have them and trying to find a place to use them.

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I owned the Totem Model 1s very briefly. While they sounded decent to great in all my favorite dealer’s showrooms, at chez Vince the high frequencies would get pretty shrill and nasty with increased volume and/or less-than-pristine recordings. At the time I was quick to blame the metal dome tweeters. In retrospect with the wisdom age and experience brings, this would have been largely due to the super lively and reflective acoustics of the modest apartment I was living in at the time. With a wall of glass patio windows 3’ behind the speakers and concrete walls, floor, and ceiling- the couple of way over rated RoomTunes panels I employed had no hope of adequately addressing the acoustic problems.

In any event I fortuitously replaced them with the Martin Logan Aerius 'stat hybrids. At the time, the Absolute Sound was championing the Aerius as a budget priced giant killer. In that particular space the ML’s were a massive performance upgrade. The dipole radiation pattern from 500Hz-up of the Aerius along with it’s somewhat rolled uppermost high frequencies proved to be a match made in heaven for that overly reflective space. After placing my couple of crappy RoomTunes panels a few feet behind each 'stat to intercept the rear reflection and adjusting their toe-in and placement just so, they positively sang.

Of course when I moved out of my concrete “palace of reflections” into a considerably larger apartment with more reasonable acoustics, the Aerius lost much of it’s magic. In the new room the 'stat hybrid came across as rolled and closed-in sounding up top. So I moved on to yet another pair of loudspeakers… And began to take room acoustic treatment more seriously.


I said 4 but now I remember its actually 6.

I must confess my sins in numbers: 41 + or - 3.

Speakers 41
Amps 37
Pre-amps 34
Turntables 12
CD players 9-12
Power conditioners, regenerators 8-12
Everything else ?
Lord please forgive my sins.


You missed interconnects and speaker cables