How to connect Allo DigiOne Signature to PS Audio Sprout 100

I have a Allo DigiOne Signature Player with the PS Audio Sprout 100 as my DAC and Amplifier, I am new to the audiophile community and trying to find which cable I need to get to connect these two components. Any help would be great!!

I just looked up the Allo DigiOne Signature Player as I wasn’t familiar with it. From what I can tell, there isn’t a way to hook it up directly. You will need to use something like a COAX to optical converter. I’ve never used one personally, but I know folks that have and they seem to have some decent luck with them. Hope this helps.

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Goes without saying that this is connected to a Raspberry Pi, right?

So, have you tested without the DigiOne HAT and just going direct from the Pi’s USB to the Sprout’s USB input?

You may have already tried this, so disregard if so… but that’s how I’d connect it with the sprout.

(What software on the Pi are you using to stream?)