How to convert DFF to DSF


If I understand correctly, Korg’s AudioGate software, which used to be recommended for this task, is no longer an option unless you own Korg hardware. I have located these two programs; anyone have any experience with either, or know of others? Thanks! – scroll down to the bottom; free version does one file at a time (Windows) (Mac)


It is unfortunate they removed the Twitter activation option. I suspect it was a support headache. I take it the Audiogate “Lite” version will not do what you need. Bleh.


Well, actually, I don’t have a Twitter account. Even if I did, I would not be eager to let some third party access it. If necessary I’ll be a guinea pig for one or both of the programs I found.


It no longer matters; Korg no longer let you activate via Twitter.


I have used the Mac program you listed (dff2dsf 1.2). It seemed to work fine.

I had created a twitter account solely to use AudioGate. It’s the only way I ever tweeted. No idea how to use the darn thing, really. Or interest therein. Can’t imagine I had any followers.