Audiogate Lite restriction

I got a message while opening Audiogate that an update was available. In the small print it said Export and Burn were no longer supported by Tweet registration.

I cxld the update for now.

Does this mean the Lite Version is no longer usable for conversions with this update? Has anyone done it yet? [without the full license?]

I don’t know but I have already switched to DSD Master anyway. It’s made by BitPerfect, which claims their conversions beat Audiogate’s (they have some sample files on their blog). $30 from the Mac App Store. Seems to work pretty well.

Only Mac ???


Sorry Al. BitPerfect only makes Mac software, as far as I know. I don’t know what’s available in the PC world other than AudioGate (my lack of knowledge means little to nothing here). I also got the update notice when I opened AudioGate, which I declined. So I don’t know whether this means it can no longer be used for free with a tweet.