Problem converting AIFF to WAV for DS

I just imported a 192/24 AIFF file to WAV on my MacBook using iTunes per the “how to” instructions on our site. When I burned it to a DVD and then put it in the PWT…the screens on the PWT and the DS say it’s 192/16. Anybody have any idea what mistake I might have made?

What bit depth does iTunes show? I’m not at my computer and haven’t used iTunes for this kind of thing for a long time (and many iTunes versions ago) but I think you should be able to tell using Get Info in iTunes. My guess is that iTunes is probably at fault. Do the import ettings allow you to set the bit depth? You might try another program. I use Max on the Mac. It’s free (just search for “Max Mac”) and pretty easy to use. You will need to go into preferences to tell it what kinds of files to convert to, possibly bit depth (required for AIFF files, not for FLAC, don’t know about WAV), where to put them etc.