How to feed DirectStream DAC DSD256 I2S input after upgrade sunlight firmware

I had upgrade sunlight firmware, as the release note said, this firmware adds DSD256 support, I am so excited.

But which device can be I2S input feed DSD256 stream?

I use I2S output HAT with raspberry pi. in /boot/config, I set the dtoverlay=i-sabre-q2m.

In Roon, it can output 358k PCM and DSD128(DoP) as the time not upgraded to sunlight.

But I can not select native DSD(only DoP, 358k PCM can only envelope DSD128). so I can’t output DSD256.

Is there any solution for that? for raspberry or need another device to DSD256?

I was testing upsampling in Roon to DSD256. From Roon Nucleus+ to Matrix SPDIF 2 to DSS I2S input at DSD256. Worked great but ultimately I preferred the straight unaltered signal and let DSS (and Ted) do its (his) thing

So you mean you use usb ouput roon stream, then use usb interface to change dsd256 dop to native dsd256, then output through iis?

This solution is lossess convert?

What you need is a source component that can read and output DSD256 files. And if it doesn’t have a I2s output, but have a USB output, you can get a USB to I2s converter capable of 256DSD to feed your DAC. That is generally the way it is done.
My brother has an Aurender N10. Before, it was capable only up to 128 DSD and can’t read 256 DSD. Now it’s been upgraded to 256 DSD by firmware similar to the DS, and he is thrilled how much better 256 DSD sounds compared with the same recordings in single rate. Much more fuller and clearer sounding. This 256 DSD is something else!!

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Not exactly, upsample to DSD256 out of Nucleus via USB to Matrix and then I2S to DSS. Never DoP

my souce is Roon, can read dsd256 then steam to raspberry pi 4b. The pi4 have a I2S output HAT. this HAT can output I2S through HDMI cable. My roon can find the raspberry pi HAT as a alsa audio device, but on the device setup, Roon can only selecte DoP. So I2S only support 32bit/358k pcm and DoP dsd128 ouput.

You can select Native DSD in your USB device setup on Roon?

It depends on the capability of the USB to I2S device. In the case of @audiojan, the Matrix XSPDIF 2 is capable of running DSD up-to 512 native, but communicates DSD 256 to DS DAC.

To me, DSD 256, 512, or 1024 are like the max speed on my car dash. I see it every time I push the start button, but forget it once the wheels start rolling :wink:

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Correct, native dsd256 from Roon… although in reality it’s not “native” as it’s upsampled

wow, that means, you use USB connect matrix SPDIF, then Roon can specify the native DSD for the DSD playback strategy just like the pic shows?

That’s a great result that I can not achieve. My solution use HAT provides I2S output can only use DoP. :joy:

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Hi, audiojan, thanks for your experience, I did it using a similar method. I got a nice USB interface Xing Audio af200 at a good price. It supports Native DSD1024, PCM 768, and some advanced setting. My path is Roon core -Network-> Raspberry Pi 4 -USB-> af200 -I2S-> DS.

Sound Quality is very impressive, Pannel display DSD256.

Thx again.

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