How to play purchased NativeDSD files (DSD256 or DSD512) with DS DAC?

Need a help from people who knows how to play purchased NativeDSD files (DSD256 or DSD512) with DS DAC (with updated Sunlight). I have both Bridge II and Auralic Aries G2.1 transport (USB connection) and only can play DSD128. What transport (or streamer) I could use to play DSD 256 with I2S connection on DS DAC? Thank you so much!

Welcome @cheng.lai2 !

Get the Matrix X-SPDIF 2 USB to I2s converter. Actually this converter is a much bigger upgrade than this Sunlight firmware.
Check out Matrix X-SPDIF 2.
The sound Sunlight and Matrix together is simply unbelievable.

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That was going to be my recommendation. I use a Matrix fed by a USB from my Roon Server then I2S to the DSD. Works brilliantly. If you’re buying from. NativeDSD join their highest tier membership and if you buy the highest res you automatically receive all the lower resolution files and a discount on purchases of about 10%.

Thank you so much!

Another alternative is Denafrips Gaia which has been getting excellent reviews. It is a substantial product with a large power supply and high quality parts and enclosure. You ho from usb into the Gaia and select the I2S output to the PS Audio DSD.

I have two servers/streamers. (1) Auralic G2.1 with 4tb ssd; (2) Wyred 4 Sound MS Server with the i7 package and 4tb ssd. Roon core resides in the Wyred 4 Sound. However, be aware that the maximum rate native dsd you can use with the PS Audio DSD is 256 (quad dsd) not 512.

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Thank you, very helpful, and Gaia looks great. Have you considered adding Auralic Sirius G2.1 to the chain?

Not at this moment. I am keeping watch over PS Audio’s Octave server/streamer since ir will output native DSD probably up to 1024, and the new dac.