How to find compatability I2s digital input of Directstream

Hello and good morning,

i have here a question split in two, first the general :

there is a kind of rule to found out which other transports (except off course those from PS Audio),

are compatible with this particular input, a small inquiry in the net there are plenty products in the

market either with “special audio” HDMI (Like Sony’s) or either with I2S hdmi like Nuprime transports,

(in the past i had Muse Electronics Model 2 and Model 5 from California

with the abillity to upgrade to I2s, but i never tried).

and second part of my question and more particular:

my library consists mostly from CD’s (44.1khz) soon i will get in hand the Directstream player,

to get out the full benefits of I2s input (for CD;s only, not SACD) it will be O.K.

with Perfect Wave Transport

or i need Directstream Memory Player?

Greetings from Greece


At least for your first question I may give you some hints: A good overview for I²S compatibility is provided by this spreadsheet on page 2. There are some small but fundamental differences in the pinout configuration of different manufacturers.

And just search the web for reports of compatibility to different brands, and of course ask the specific manufacturer.

Regarding the second question maybe some owners of PWT, DMP or PST might chime in. I banned CD-transports years ago…
But anyway, if you already decided to get the PS Audio transport, just see (and hear) if it is your taste!

Thanks gb-70, those informations seems realy helpfull.



When I was using the PWD Mk II DAC there was a distinct difference between using the I2S and the AES/EBU and other inputs from a transport or other source.

With the DSD DAC though Ted has noted that he worked hard to make all inputs less distinct from one another with equally low jitter etc. (Of course for DSD and SACD the I2S must be used). I have my PST connected with both I2S via HDMI and AES/EBU and I have to say. . . the differences are very subtle if there at all, and seem to be related to the cabling itself more than the connection format. So if only using a transport for Redbook. . . either connection method works well. As for differing transports I had the PWT, the DMP and the PST. There’s a significant bump from PWT to DMP, a less large a bump from DMP to PST in my experience.



thank you for sharing your experiences, are valuable,

provide a “guideline” so to speak,

to wait until i recive the Directstream player.

Kind regards


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