Directstream DAC SR inputs

Let me start out thanking both Ted and Paul for creating such a great sounding audio component. I am thoroughly enjoying my journey back through all my PCM (both ripped, and Hi-Rez). Now for the question, it has to do with streaming DSD 64 files, after reading posts and searching the web I think I am now more confused about the DirectStream DAC inputs. I currently use a Bryston BDP-1 plays everything great using AES/EBU as my connection to DSD SR, of course it doesn’t do DSD files, so I am researching what streamer to possibly replace it with. Problem is DSD SR inputs sound like any of them can accept a DSD stream up to DSD64 and some can do DSD128, and I2S seems like it can take anything. I really wanted to stay with AES/EBU but was thinking I2S might be a better way so started looking at streamers that had that capability when I ran across an article that said not all MFG use the same pinouts for the HDMI cable connection. How am I supposed to know what will work and what might be proprietary to a MFR. Everybody is just lableling them as I2S. As far as I can tell there is no published standard that everybody is required to use.

Hopefully Paul or Ted will see and chime in on this, sure would help me.

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If you like the Bryston, you may want to consider the BDP-3. It provides support for DSD up to DSD256; that is, quad rate DSD.

The I2S out through HDMI is a standard that PS Audio created many years ago. Some companies follow our published standard, others don’t. Since it isn’t an official “industry” standard, it’s best to ask the few companies supporting I2S through HDMI if they follow
our published standards.

Here’s the schematic we make public for any manufacturer to follow should they choose to. And, it’s what we use (and invented) and have for years.

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This thread will be of help:

And this spreadsheet:

I initially had a BDP-1 connected to my DS Sr.
It has been awhile, but if I recall correctly, via USB, you can stream DSD via DOP to the DS Sr from the BDP-1.
You have to go into the BDP-1 set up, I can not recall which settings page, and tell it to recognize the DS Sr.
When I enabled the feature on my BDP-1, the DS Sr. showed up in red text, after enabling the feature the red changed to standard text.
I think that the DSD via DOP via USB supported up toDSD128, but as I mentioned, it has been quite awhile.
Somewhere in this forum, I gave detailed instructions to another poster way back in time.

Yes, I believe you have to check a box in the settings allowing it to output via the USB to the DS. I can’t remember what page, and I’m currently away from my system. I own a BDP-2 and I only own one DSD64 file, but it plays fine via the USB input.

Dashboard -> Audio Devices

But on the BDP-1 this enables DoP over USB only, while the OP states he would like to use AES/EBU.

Agreed Elk. I just thought using the USB might serve as a temporary solution while the OP researches a new source, although I do not know the specs for the BDP-1. I thought the BDP-3 does not output DSD at all via the AES/EBU output, if I remember correctly.

It is on my list we have a dealer here in Austin and I can actually try it in my system before purchasing.

USB front panel are only for thumb drives or usb drives with their own power, back panel USB are the same except they can handle supplying power to USB drives, nothing for using a PC, or USB output.

Thanks will look at this when I get a chance.

I did run USB out from my BDP-1, you may want to inquire in the Bryston Forum over at the Audio Circle.