Best connectors between dac and transport

Good day forums.
Is there a best way to connect the Memory Player Transport to the Digital Stream dac? I think I read somewhere that Ted Smith remarked that it does not matter which connection you use between the two units,Ted saying they all sound the same to his ears.
Do any of the members here have a preference as to how the two units are connected? Do you believe one way is better than another way... to your ears?
Thanks very much...


I’ve never owned a PWT/Memory Player but the consensus with the PWT and PWD seemed to be that I2S sounded best. The DS is relatively insensitive to the input used but it can certainly make a difference. My suggestion would be to go with I2S but, as with anything else, try as many connections as you can and go with what sounds best to you.


There have been a number of interface discussions. It appears each option has its adherents.

I find the DS to be fairly agnostic to cables and input options. I however use the I2S between my PWT (PerfectWave Memory Player, née PerfectWave Transport) and DS.

It may sound better. Conceptually I would like it to do so. :)


Hey Elk. What companys hdmi cable are you using? I see PS Audio has the AC10 I2S and one silver one [AC12 I2S] that was dropped from the line. Have you tried either one…Thanks


I find that toslink sounds best as long as all the other cables are removed to maintain electrical isolation.


I have an AC10. I have not heard an appreciable difference.


I stick with HDMI as Elk does but do find a considerable difference between that and S/PDIF anything. But that’s just me.105_gif


One of the delights of this endeavor is how our experiences are so much the same, yet different. As a group, we share many observations. Yet, individually we have our own preferences and biases, as well as varying impressions due to diverse equipment, etc.

I am drawn to I2S. I adore the concept. I believe it sounds the best of the options, slightly. But my favorable bias may be the source of this impression. Thus I am uncomfortable making a definitive statement.

Then again if it sounds better, it is better.


HDMI Specifications and I2S

Hi all,

I have recently ordered my PWT and DirectStream DAC and have started looking for a cable to connect the two devices. I would like to try the I2S connection so I have been looking at HDMI cables.

I have found a few that specifically mention I2S and many others that only mention an HDMI version number such as 1.2 or 1.4 so i am slightly confused.

Does the I2S protocol run over any HDMI cable? - YES

Must the HDMI cable be specifically an I2S version? - NO

Must the HDMI cable meet a specific version number?

Can anyone recommend an HDMI cable for me?

Thanks for any advice you may have,



Hi Chip,

Since you are in the Netherlands I’d try the cheaper of the Pink Faun I2S cable - a lot of people are saying good things about it.

Otherwise, and significantly cheaper is use a Belkin cable (Ted Smith says they are generally well engineered). Check the DSD forum on this site there is a lot of discussion about I2S cables for PWT - > DSD.

You are going to have fun…