How to use the Bridge and connect and control your music

Magenta Audio, our ever helpful and resourceful Australian distributor recently put together an in house document that details all the ins and outs of setting up a PerfectWave Bridge, a Music Server, controlling and managing a network music player.

I thought so much of this and - frankly - they did a much better job of it than we have - I thought it a good thing to share with you.

I know it is hidden in there somewhere but darned if I can find it. :smiley:

Guess it would help if I attached the file? 8-}

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Gordon said: I know it is hidden in there somewhere but darned if I can find it.

You knew it was there but did not want the rest of us to feel foolish not being able to locate it.
It was very kind of you to help the rest of us out that do not possess your special mind powers.

They advocate for the Bridge and NAS use, but fail to mention the gapless issue. I think consumers need to be forewarned about this. It is one thing to have Wavestream in development, quite another to advocate for a hardware commitment that doubtless will leave most buyers feeling dissatisfied.

Can anyone explain the gapless issue to me. I use the PWD with the bridge on both a Mac and PC with EMM and ipad app. My files are on an iomega NAS and I can play an album with one track following another automatically every time ( Gapless? ). Is everyone looking for something else?? What am I missing, what is the problem everyone seems to be having? what are you trying to do that you cannot?

dew1551, “gapless” refers to the ability to play one track after another with no gap at all between tracks. Think Dark Side of the Moon, Abbey Road, or most classical music. It is possible to play gapless from EMM using the PC or Mac as the controller but not with the iPad app. The gaps get longer as the resolution goes up. WaveStream is intended to address this, making it possible to play gapless so long as the player software supports that ability (EMM, JRiver, Foobar, iTunes, etc. do).

Sorry Steve but WaveStream does not require any support from a program in order to work. You can set WaveStream as the default audio output device and any and ALL audio generated within the computer will be directed to the PWD/Bridge. It is nicer though if you can select some other audio device such as local speaker out as the default audio device and then select WaveStream as a specific audio output device within the player program. JRMC, eLyric and Foobar2000 allow you to do this (I am sure that there are others too) and get music only through the PWD/Bridge and not any other computer sounds.


JP, I think you misunderstood my point. WaveStream will send whatever would have gone to your computer speakers to the Bridge. But, if the software you are playing from will not play gapless to your computer speakers you will not get gapless out of the Bridge. That’s all I was saying.

Ah, yes… Okay. That is quite true. With WaveStream gapless is entirely dependent upon the player on the computer. Curiously enough, some players are dependent on the remote being used… :open_mouth: Then again, not very many computer audio players have remote control capability.


Good point pmotz. I too have noticed the mysterious occasional phenomena of being logged out of my signin even though I select the “Remember me” box when signing in. Allow me to continue with stating the obvious that once you are signed in you can then save the file. For Windows users: right click on the file and use “Save target as” to select your destination.

Can’t find a link. There is a picture which lists the name of a .pdf file - but it isn’t clickable.

Where’s the beef

Are you logged in? If so, you should get a nice six-page document.

Anyone else having JRemote connection problems on iPad with the latest JRMC builds ?

Can someone tell me what IP address should be used, select an unassigned, that of my Mini or something else ?

Version 18.0.194 with JRemote is stable and sounds the best compared to the latest release 18.0.206.

you can try deleting the application and reinstalling it this can help, some months back I did this very action when things were a little flaky all good after reinstalling the JRemote