Help please: Gapless Tidal w/ Bridge II, DS, mConnect Control HD

Greetings all. Just bought and installed a previously-owned DirectStream w/ Bridge II installed. It had Windom already installed.

I’m using Tidal at the moment, and so that was my first project. I connected the Bridge II to my Ethernet, the Bridge firmware was already up-to-date, and downloaded mConnect Control HD to my iPad and connected it to BridgeII. Selected browser, logged in to Tidal, played music, hurray!

Problem: It has a pretty long gap between songs on an album, which is going to drive me crazy. I’ve done a bunch of searching, and it appears that “gapless” playback should be available on both the Bridge II and with mConnect. However, the “gapless” menu item is not showing up in mConnect.

Do I need to turn on gapless on the Directstream? I’m not seeing anything that tells me that that’s a thing. I’d appreciate any help, because thus far I’m frustrated. I can’t believe gapless playback is an issue “in this day and age” (would anyone ever NOT want gapless playback when playing albums?).

Thank you!!


Welcome @Pupalei
Try to use one of the free versions mControlHD or mControl rather than mConnect.

I’m using mConnect Control HD, which is free. “mControl” does not seem to be in the App store. Or Google.

In the settings from the top left corner, does it show gapless as an option? In device settings I mean. I ceased using the mControl for a while after shifting to Roon and memory is not so fresh, but I could install and check for you.

I am not seeing Gapless as an option in mConnect Control HD.

The options are:
Device Setup
Cloud Setup
Sort Tracks
App Info

At least one website I found indicated that “Gapless” would be a choice here, but I do not see it.

When I click Device Setup it gives me a list of (one) device, the Bridge II. Clicking on the BridgeII only has basic setting options like Network Selection, LAN IP, Device Name Change and such.

Unless you meant the settings in the upper left of the DS touch screen itself. I have poked around there as well and haven’t found a way to turn gapless “on”.

I’m considering Roon as well, but I feel like “I’m so close” to what I need without it.

Thanks for helping.

In device setup what are the options please?

Welcome, @Pupalei !

I was wrong. So sorry. The paid version has the option.

No worries! They’ve made it about as confusing as they (mconnect) could.

Now, I’m still confused (bear with me). The only paid app I see is “mconnect Player HD”. I had seen advice that I wanted Control, not Player. What is the exact name of the app you’re showing in the pictures above?

I’m (grudgingly) willing to pay $6, but I want to be sure it’s the right thing.

I still suggest, before you buy, to try the free app again in both its landscape and portrait versions. Below are the paid versions. Let me know how it goes.

Ugh. Now in the middle of a playlist I’m getting “Renderer does not respond”.

Edit: Reselecting BridgeII under “Play to” fixed the “does not respond” error.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

You’re welcome. How fast is your line when you test it with

130 Mbps. That’s on Wifi. The Bridge II is connected to Ethernet which should be much high. I pay for a 1 Gbps connection. In the past on wired PCs I’ve seen 800+ Mbps.

That is more than enough, rather much more than what’s required. :+1:t2:

Ugh 2: Now I’m getting intermittent glitches during a song. I need to step away for a bit. I can’t even think about whether it sounds better (than HEOS to my Denon receiver, which works perfectly) because I keep fighting this thing. But I assume I just need to be patient and work through it. Makes me nervous since I bought the thing used.

To addition to @Serhan recommendations, I would check your Loaded Latency within as well as speed. I found anything above 80-100ms could cause intermittent pause issues in my system.

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Nope do not stress out. Things can happen even with new gear. You will discover the issue. I would try streaming some files stored on a local network drive and see if things work fine.

Good suggestions. I got pulled into work (the nerve!) but I’ll get back to it.

I will say that I’m currently using a new Denon x4700H as my “pre-pro” with the front l/r feeding a BHK 250 amp. I’m interested in getting the DS working, if only to see what this hi-res MQA business is all about. But I’ll tell you that the Denon/HEOS is working perfectly with Tidal at CD resolution and sounds fantastic.

Update: I found a USB cable and am running the Tidal app on a laptop (wifi) USB’d to the DS. So far it’s working perfectly.