Hyperthreading - Roon NUC - Anyone turned off?

So in my stupid move of the month I purchased a Farad Super 3 to power my NUC. As it turns out I did not pay enough attention that the i7 I use needs too much power. It shut down a few times in the 5 days I had it on. I have moved the Farad to the P10 off the UPS (I use the UPS for the NUC and NAS) to see if the steady voltage (which I thought a UPS would deliver too) and it stayed up 1 night. That does not mean its solved.

Farad says if I turn off Hyperthreading that will help fix, plus make it sound better. I do not believe in the 2nd part of that statement but if the first is correct I can stay with it. Having a real hard time finding a 6A LPS with 19V. A few Chinese ones. The Farad 10 is way too much for my pocket to handle.

I think I can return the Super 3 if I have to, but wondering if others have done this.

I have a Nucleus with an i7 but given it runs Roon’s version of Linux, I cannot access processor features. However, I never noticed a degradation in audio quality when applying processor intensive DSP settings. What really made a difference is using an independent SSD NAS vs. internal NUC music storage because the latter shares the internal power capacitors with the motherboard and processor.

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How are you using the NUC? Do you stream via USB, Roon Rock music server? I use the latter and use a switching supply and clean up signal before entering my streamer. If you are streaming via USB from the NUC you can do the same with a device that buffers and reclocks the usb and if needed converts to I2s. Even with a LPS the NUC is noisy.

The stock PSU is 4.7A, I’ve been using the StackAudio Volt 19V-5A for quite a while with no issues.

Absolutely, I couldn’t believe the difference it made in SQ when I inserted the Zen Stream in between my NUC and DAC.

Not a big fan of direct from china, but late last night I did grab this for just over $200. If I had seen that Stack one first I may have spent the extra for the better build quality. Not sure how much “better” it would be, I think this one gets me 90% way there, but I would rather support them than China. I was way to focused on 6A as the nuc cheapo supply saids 19v 6.2a … If I saw this was made for Nucleus, I would have jumped on it. See how this thing goes. But I am going to return the Farad. It just keeps shutting down. I am sure that is not good for my Core.

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I have professionally done performance profiling with HT On/Of on Intel CPUs and can say that if you are not running at over 65% utilization for long periods of time, then it’s a non-factor. If all your NUC is doing is running RoonServer, then this should never be a problem. My I5 averages less than 10% CPU utilization when running a Roon stream.

The factors here is amps needed. 3 is not enough when it kicks in apparently for i7. It has shut down on me every day. So I have decided to send it back. Not going to play around with settings and risk damage if it goes over 3A.

I don’t doubt that 3A would not be enough if all the cores are lit up since the TDP of a 3.5MHz i7 is 28W. My point was that a Roonserver process should not stress to that level and that there are likely other processes or hardware bringing up the current level and this HT On/Off would not have an impact. If you are concerned about sound quality, then profiling what else is running is a worthwhile exercise.

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