I ask my self if I make a good move....

I just sold my Primare i21 the one until now I know how good it was…,:frowning: now I got a good deal on a PS Audio GCC-100 as soon I plug in to my system my wife tell me what you do and you have to see my face :frowning: I was frustrated immediately I turn on the PS Audio, I ask my self if I make a good move…next about 10 minutes when was warm I star listen a deep bass more from my Primare and with great transparency what I found out is that this PS Audio is more Transparent with great details, I need time to my ears adapted to the new sound…the construction I will be better happy if it came with toroidal transformers but no…are not toroidal.


Someone know how this Gain Cell work if this will improve my sound ???, I need to make some change on the gain or I just leaved in 0.0db !!!



I am sorry, what Gain Cell?