Just pulled trigger on Axpona no show special

After reading the offer on PS Audio regenerators…I decided to trade up
my already wonderful P5 to a P12. To some it may not appear as much
of an upgrade.

Yet when I consider the upgraded internals that make up the heart of the
regenerator…decided to take advantage of the offer.
Would have preferred the P15…but my back is quite challenged and P5
for my use has proven more than enough. The weight difference

Just how much better will the P12 be over P5…well it may be awhile before
we have an answer, as I just placed the order this pm

If anyone here has done a similar sidewise move please chime in would like
to hear of your experiences


Yup! I moved up to the P15 from the P5. Loving it


dcaudioguy … what kind of gear are you running?

I have one of each. You’ll enjoy the P12. I traded something else up to get the P12 when it first came out. I could probably load everything onto the P12, but like the option of having two for different component controls for switching on and off different devices depending what I’m going to listen with that evening. Also use a Quintessence conditioner for support devices like fans and network gear. Very generous sale offer by the PS Audio folks. Just picked up a Stellar Gain Cell DAC for the office headphone setup.

Netspecht-2 thank you for chiming in…like yourself I have a Quintessence
doing duty for my Sony tv…my system is 2ch only. The step up from the wonderful
job my Quintessence was doing on y 2ch rig to the P5 was as if the whole system had gone through a major upgrade…night- day difference.

My system consists currently P5>Oppo 205>wyred4sound stp stage 2, or Emotiva XSP1 Gen2 > Parasound A21, balanced Nordost Red Dawn ic and speaker cables. Speakers: Focal Aria 948. My room is L shaped leg of the L is 15’x 25’.

What improvements the P12 brings to the table beyond the P5 shall hopefully soon be found out.

Ooops forgot to say don’t have to wait till late night night for best sound due to power line noise being reduced later at night being reduced…thanks to P5


I went from a P5 to a P15 as well, and never looked back. Great upgrade!


You won’t be regretted. I’ve upgraded from P5 to P12 when P12 came out. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the change was substantial in good way, at least to me.

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Do you have a dedicated power line/20 amp breaker? That is useful.

We share similar gear. I also have a W4S STP Stage 2 pre (paired with DAC2v2se 10th), and an Oppo 203.

The P12 improvements will be subtle. The P5 is a still a great device. Bought mine in 2012. I like the screen features on the P12 better as well.

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stac thank you for sharing, I anticipate similar outcome

netspecht-2 a 20 amp dedicated line while simple enough in concept and a great
addition…for now it is a dream…one day for sure!!!

It seems with my system any upgrades to my system has brought very nice
and not so subtle improvements…These have allowed better definition of
details that before might have sounded as a whole rather than a composite of individual notes that were actually occuring.

May I pm you?

Sure thing…Feel free to PM…

Well sir I don’t seem to know how to pm

So how do I do a pm?

PM received…sent you one back…Cheers

Hey Paul, Kevin and PS Audio team thank you for the Axpona no show special available. The special along with the trade in made this possible for me.

To you and your wonderful team Paul thank you

Awesome! I am so glad you were able to take advantage of it. We’re keeping our eyes open for other opportunities to help folks through this period where we can.


Loving my P15!

My system includes:
BHK Pre Amp
BHK 250 Amp
P15 Regen
2x Rel T9i
Harbeth 30.2 Anniversaries

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dcaudioguy…thank you for sharing…I have read wonderful things regarding Harbeth speakers…but have never heard them…they must be very special!!

In my experience, Harbeth produce a strikingly smooth, silky mid-range.

It sure would be nice to hear them in person…
and other systems as well to have a better gauge of where
I could improve mine.

Thank you Elk