New Direct Stream and P20

Just added these components to my set up. I am very pleased with the resulting improvement in sound. The direct stream replaces a Benchmark DAC3
Also added all Synergistic research power cables. Now I am awaiting Focal Sopra 3’s to arrive. Thanks again to PS Audio and particularly Kevin Jackson excellent customer service


Cautionary note based on my experience with Sopra N°2’s in system the past 2 years: once the Sopra N°3’s are up and running you’ll find yourself missing appointments and putting things off.


I listened to the Sopra 2 and then the Sopra 3
I have a large room so the 3 is perfect
I also listened to the Scala Utopia (top of my budget) and didn’t think the difference between them and the Sopra 3 justified the cost difference. I did audition the Maestro Utopia, without question it was the best of everything that I auditioned. I can’t justify that expenditure at this time, possibly in the future.

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Your system is at work?

I suspect you’ll be happy with the Sopra 3’s for a very long time. Enjoy.

Hello bad beef
Yes this system is in my office at work I have a different set upon my home

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Still waiting for my Focal Sopra N°3 in the meantime I have ordered the stellar M1200 mono blocks (as a Beta tester) and will put them up against the MC601’s I don’t think I will be replacing the 601’s However I am very pleased with all of my PS audio products so far and I purchased the Mcintosh before i had a chance to try PS audio amplification.

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Focal Sopra N°2 in system 2 1/2 years (driven by BHK300’s since last March). I suspect you’re going to be very happy with the 3’s.