I have never heard any PS Audio equipment. So I purchased some

I have vintage and newer McIntosh equipment now that I either purchased used or gotten good deals on. I been watching Paul’s videos and really wanted to try PS Audio. I purchased from The Music Room a BHK Preamp and BHK 250. When they come in I will test them against my MAC7200 and I really hoping I will be selling the McIntosh. I am installing a dedicated line for my audio equipment this weekend, I have a set of Transparent Musicwave XLR and Speaker cables. I have not invested in a power cable or power Plant yet. my sources are OPPO 105D, VPI Scout and Bluesound going to a Qutest DAC playing it all to ATC11 with upgraded caps and resistors. Cross your fingers and if you have any suggestions please let me know.


Fun! Let us know what you conclude.

Welcome buddy! I’ve always been interested in the Mac sound and am looking forward to your assessment.

I have a MAC6700 and often wondered how PS Audio compared. I look forward to your review of the equipment and your thoughts on dealing with The Music Room.

Hi McRican,
Will do and this is the second time I purchased from The Music Room. They pack the equipment extremely well and the pricing isn’t bad. The most they will reduce their price so far is 5%. When I tried to sell them any equipment they hurt my feeling😄.


The good thing I guess is that they can consult very good what to expect from a certain change and what’s recommendable. Better than probably most dealers who just speak badly about what they don’t sell.

BHK 250 (and Pre) pair very well with ATC11. I also have upgraded caps and resistors to great effect. They were slightly rolled off and adjusted tweeter values to lift about 1/2dB along with a very nice bypass cap.

Underrated stand mounts! I will be interested to hear your impressions compared to the Mac.

IMO, you are making too many changes at once. I think you should stabilize your old system and learn it, then swap in the new equipment.

Bruce in Philly

Sorry I see how you could see that I changing a lot at one time. But the Mac system has been in place for a little over a year. The only new to the system will be the PS Audio equipment.

The dedicated line for power will likely change sound in both systems. I would give your integrated a run with cleaner power first before passing final judgment.

Years ago, due to my UK made integrated amp was dead (and newer models no longer made in UK), and I have been watching Paul’s YouTube for awhile (he seems to be a nice guy and knowing what he is talking about), so I ordered SGCD/M700s directly from PSA and started my journey with PSA gears -
Journey 1. Burn-in. Never think (or believe in) sound improves with burn in. But after months of use, the sound becomes sweeter, (maybe, due to my ears get use to it!)
Journey 2. Power. Never think power will make sound sweeter. Since PSA voices its gears with its power regen, I decided to add P12 to my system. Sound improves further. Today, can’t live without P12. (I call this $5k psychological effect to my brain!)
Journey 3. Transport. Never think transport can make huge difference. I need CD player to replace my UK made CD player, since I like Ted, (I am a programmer too!), I bought the DSDAC. I thought good dac +$100 old SONY DVD as transport should be good, since transport just merely a disk spinner! I get the PST, and it gives all my CDs a new life!
During my journey, I also did 2 things. 1. Pull my speakers (LINN Keilidh) away from the wall. 2. Add a pair of JL Audio D110 subs. Very happy with my current setup now. Maybe upgrade with BHK pre in the distance future.


Ok two days with the PS BHK Pre and 250. Had a little scare at first. Place in front of my rack for about four or five hours to come up to room temp. Was around 35 outside Monday. Hooked up my streamer and ATC11 along with Elac sub. the amp came up but the preamp started it count down got to 29 and stopped. Unplugged and let set for a few minutes. Now no display just can hear the relay click 3 times. Checked the tubes and jumpers, all good. Replaced the tubes and still nothing but 3 clicks. Put the original tubes in and has been working ever since. Now for the sound, I will say with the other equipment being the same. The BHK sounds more natural, extends a little higher, sound stage a little deeper, wider, and taller. I think one thing that is a little odd is on most songs the BHK has a little more detail, but on the Eagles Hotel California at the being there is an instrument that you can hear very plainly on the Mac, but is faint on the BHK. Every other song so far, it is the other way around. Both sound great but I like the PS Audio more, so it is staying. Wife wants the the MAC7200 in her system that will replace an entry Mac C15 and MC122 I purchased broken and repaired a few years back. I would said that it comes down to the sound you enjoy. To me the BHK is 10 to 15% better then the MAC7200. But you have to consider that my other equipment isn’t at the level that the BHK is. So I have room to grow. Looks like there may be more PS Audio for me on the horizon


Nice report.

If you like the sound of your new PS Audio equipment now, just wait until they’re fully broken-in.

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