I just Love my new Sprout100!

Hi all.

I just Love my new Sprout100. Yes Iโ€™m a PS Audio fan and regularly follows Paul on YouTube, I would also like to see more from Scott on YouTube :slight_smile:
I paired it with some KEF R3 speakers in Walnut (so they match the sprouts walnut :smiley: ) a SONY Bluetooth vinyl player and a Mac mini using Audirvana for ripped, highness and DSD music.

Many tears ago I was a audiophile, but then kids happened. Now that my kid is 13 I git the craving for listening to music again. Especially on Vinyl (and HighRes).

I bought their all as my Christmas present and have been spending my Christmas days listening to records, my old digital music and also buying some new High Resolution music.

I also spent some money on buying sone new high quality 180 gram vinyls with are amazing.

The Sonos speakers I have is not really great for music, and my soundbar is great with surround, but do not have the warmth I need for listening to music.

Iโ€™m so impressed with the Sprout100, the quality feel, the looks and of corse the sound with is amazing. The Vinyl input really sounds amazing, the digital input sounds so much better that the other stuff I have etc.

What this has lead to is falling in love with listening to music again. Thank you all so much to you all at PS Audio for making some quality time for me with really nice sound to relax and enjoy.

  • Tobias from Norway

Welcome, Tobias!

Great story. :slight_smile:

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Thatโ€™s awesome. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

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