What I like about PS audio and the DS DAC!

I’m new to PS Audio since short time and the good impression I got, for me is worth to be pointed out a bit as I know how industry struggles to be lined up as PS audio seems to be.

First reason to consider the DS DAC was a recommendation of a friend, then my first experience how it sounds and the general make and design of it. Next was going online what to find there, and what I found was really very professional and likable.
I’ve seen some videos of Paul and Ted and I really liked their professional, open, friendly and personal style, their knowledge, their talk without offending competitors and not providing just superficial PR talk. This alone gives an impression that PS audio must be a great place to work. Paul’s strategy by good chance to catch high potentials outside the company to develop his products, is another great advantage and made PS audio products even more interesting to me.

The whole website and the offered content is really organized perfectly and this kind of forum with direct access to the major people at PSA offering more than just streamlined company talk, is what makes it even much better as does the upgradability by cost free updates and trade in programs.

Many companies just start to think of how to organize their communication for customer commitment. This is set up really well here with a professional website, info ressources, a responsive forum and Pauls posts etc. and a great phone service, too.
Congratulation to this company, products, employees and your leadership!

Regarding the DS DAC, I’m just experiencing digitallly sourced music on a totally new level. I’m really excited about it’s technical (and optical) design, it’s ability to pull the listener into the music generally and analytically speaking especially it’s reproduction of pace, soundstage, ambience, transparency, speed and details as well as it’s extension and openness, especially compared to other digital gear. There are several aspects that are at least on the level if not above a record player 2-3 times more expensive than the DS. Further comparison with vinyl, it’s strenghts to me and my possible wishes for the next firmware, I’ll post after finishing proper DS setup and comparison in the “after Yale” thread smiley-music005_gif

Welcome, from one jazz nut to another! :)

The DS is a wonderful machine, I have become very dependent on mine for musical satisfaction.

+1 Thanks for sharing and looking forward to your further impressions.

Yeah, I’m listening through my digital sourced music now for several evenings and there are many great surprises.

As expected, I quickly recognized that on the one hand hires or redbook is not the matter of sound quality in general. There are partly much better sounding CD files than some hires PCM or even DSD files due to the engineering quality of the original recording. All differences are magnified extremely with the DS. Some category of CD files improved much more than others (i.e. I wondered how much better ECM CD’s sound now while others improved less). Also between i.e. ECM CD’s and other’s differences are far more obvious.

So as many stated before, the improvement of CD quality files is really astonishing!

But the biggest facination for me is how hires PCM & DSD files differ in sound quality due to their recording quality and how good they can sound. Generally based on comparable recording quality, the advantage of hires against redbook in resolution, ambience and tonal balance is very obvious, but how fantastic several really outstanding hires files sound is above my expectation.

Take Reference Recordings Rachmaninov Symphonic dances in 24/96 and play the first track from around 8:30min. The soundstaging, transparency, definition/transients and depth is really to walk through. Althought a looped-in (tube) preamp in my experience has clear advantages to a direct use of the DS DAC to power amps or active speakers (i.e. sufficient volume level, better dynamics, authority and body), I’m sure even the very best preamps will show little less transparency, soundstage and definition from a recording like this, than a direct connection of the DS. But I wonder who’s able to use the DS directly without add. preamp at reasonably loud sound levels (yes I already chose the “high” setting of the DS wink). For me it’s once more obvious, that preamp stages of such DAC’s etc. are not really meant to drive poweramps or active speakers. They would need more gain if this operation purpose was a true goal of the development.

An excellent subjective summary.