I need turntable advice

I always wanted to find either a clean 304 or a DL-S1.

Both are worthy, but tuff to find a NOS one. I have the Denon AU-SL-1 MC SUT that I have not used for sometime, just relaxing in a closet here. Willing to part with it should anyone be interested. It is exceptional.

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Hey, if you’re giving it away I’ll take it! :grin:

I think you could afford to purchase it considering you have an Avenger. :grinning:

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Touché! :sweat_smile:

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The one for sale is the predecessor to mine. Yes sir, belt drive. I have owned Rim Drive (Lenco), Direct Drive (Technics and Akai), and the TechDAS belt drive. I know the difference between belt an d rim drive. I wish I had not thrown away my Lenco. But I did.

The version of the TechDAS that is for sale is quite good. The upgrade is better. How much I can’t say. But TechDAS doesn’t go backwards with their designs.


In part that explains the price, more curious than in the market.

The turntable is excellent. The tonearm is much better still. It’s endgame quality at a bargain price. It us not equal to the newer TechDAS which would cost $50K for the turntable with no tonearm and cartridge. Mine has a $15K tonearm, $10K cartridge, and $10k phono cable. Would I hear a $50k difference between the two setups? Oh hell no.


@Ron, yaHear?
Still the Technics looks compelling.

The Technics is the perfect choice for Ron IMHO.
That and a $600 cartridge will take care of him just fine.

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Technics SP-10 R with Jelco 850, arm and Ortofon Cadenza Blue, with an Ortofon Cadenza mono cartridge. Ortofon is a solid hitter without breaking the bank.

Or Hana.

Denon! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes indeed the Hana ML immediately came to mind for jazz, but the turntable may benefit from the Blue or Red.

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All three excellent choices depending on his desired cash output along with their mono cartridge. Andre at TAS has had almost all the Hana’s in his system for review.

As are the aforementioned Ortofon’s, just not as sexy.

A look at Michael’s TT’s early on in this video can give those with money to burn something to splurge on…

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Hmmm, If it only had a Kuzma 4 point at that price… :thinking:


My turntable set-up guy, Brian Walsh (I do recommend his services BTW), is getting the Dohmann Helix 1 and a Supatrac Blackbird. The Supatrac is a horizontal unipivot tonearm that is receiving significant internet buzz. Apparently Fremer is most impressed with it as well. Brian was most excited and may have them in house within 2 months. Possibly I’ll have an opportunity to audition his set-up. Beyond my pay grade, but could be a fun listen.

He also is restoring the last production pair of the Hill Plasmatronics speakers.